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Blocking IP addresses

By kerr_ ·
Hello! Is there a way to completely block IP addresses and all other identifiable protocols/etc on computer/laptop so it can never be traced to the owner??? Perhaps some way where all activity conducted on the net (ie: banking, uploading, downloading) can remain annonymous and never be tracked to the person???

Thanks for your time and help - Cheers!

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by jmgarvin In reply to Blocking IP addresses
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by Jaqui In reply to Blocking IP addresses


server logs will always have enough information for you to be traced.

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by gavin In reply to Blocking IP addresses

just spoof your mac and ip address

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by wlbowers In reply to Blocking IP addresses

Most software and online services route you through their proxy.

Google for the following

anonymous surfing

It's like 2000 people using nat translation. They all come out on one address.

But you don't think they aren't keeping a log. Everybody that connects to the internet has a unique id. You got to get to their site first.

And believe me if Homeland Security comes knocking somebody's gonna give you up.

If you are trying to protect yourself use a good antivirus/firewall combination. Keep it updated. Do regular scans.

If you are thinking of going down the dark side you are on the wrong site to get help for that.


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