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Blocking messengers

By rajivnarayanan@hotmail ·
I have a project team that has about 50-55 computers. They are in a particular VLAN. This VLAN hosts access net through a proxy. The same set up is replicated to about 14 different projects. Some projects require messengers to work on their desktops while other projects have banned them.
Is it possible to centrally and selectively block all messengers for a particular project and at the same time allow for other projects.

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by subhashanarayan In reply to Blocking messengers

Yes it is possible by setting ACL in proxy server. I have done it on SQUID Proxy.

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googletalk messenger block in squid

by ramdadarao In reply to



request inform this message

My problem with block the googletalk messenger in squid proxy server our lab 1-150 systems available my employee project work deley more employees use the googletalk messenger.

how to block the messenger in my proxyserver
give me solution.

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by jj2000 In reply to Blocking messengers

You can definitely do that with ACLs. Depending on your network & users, we normally recommend a product called Packeteer, which is a Layer-7 bandwidth mgmt appliance.

It allows you to stop/block or limit bandwidth for web appls & sites. You can set policies, allow/disallow/limit, etc globally, per group or even per IP. You can also set date/time restrictions.

The box is most often used for these main functions:
- stop messaging and other peer-peer traffic
- limit bandwidth for non-critical apps (eg streaming media, non-specific surfing)
- reserve bandwidth for critical apps
- provide QoS of VoIP
- reporting & auditing of network use

It's a little bit more controlled way to do it- this specific device has a pre-definted list of application signatures (layer 7) so it catches apps that morph and port-hop. When you set it up, it automatically identifies & classifies all your WAN traffic and puts it in an easy to read format.


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I recommend you use WFilter to get these done.

by gengw2000 In reply to Blocking messengers

Our company use WFilter to block messengers, block certain websites and block p2p traffic.

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