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Blocking Proxy Filters With ISA Server 2000

By Netmamed ·
I'm one of the administrators of a pretty good size Windows network (500+ users), and we are having a issue with Proxy filters. We run Windows 2000 Servers (DC1, DC2(ISA), and Exchange), with both Windows 2000 and XP workstations. My issue is that users are using proxy filters to access sites like myspace. Is there an entry i can apply to our ISA server to block these proxy filters (ex.,,, and are a few)? I've tried to just go in and block them one at a time, but there are millions of these sites that offer this service, and i just can't block them all. Is there a "wild card" entry i can use (ex. *, or *, because when i have tried these entries they don't seem to work. Any assistance would really be appreciated.

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This is a behavior problem, not a technical problem

by stress junkie In reply to Blocking Proxy Filters Wi ...

There is not always a technical solution to employee misbehavior. The managers of these employees should take control of the situation. Employee misbehavior is a management issue not a technical issue.

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Do you work in the real world

by roberson13 In reply to This is a behavior proble ...

did you read the first post. people like you are the reason why i have to work twice as hard. so i guess thank you cause people like you keep me employed.

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Solution to web proxies

by michaeb In reply to Blocking Proxy Filters Wi ...


I work for a company called ProxBlocks. Over the past 16 months we have developed a solution that prevents user access to web proxies. Our system has been designed to solve the exact problem you are having.

We are currently offering free trials. For more information please contact me at Brian(at)

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Blocking Proxy Filters With ISA Server 2000

by vhin_d_2005 In reply to Blocking Proxy Filters Wi ...

Just use the appropriate IP of the said hostname.

e.g., use the IP

instead of using hostname, just use this ip and it will works.

by: Alvin D.

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