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    Blocking TCP Ports


    by tech010 ·

    Is there any way to block TCP ports in Windows without a personal firewall. I was told that you could block them in the “services” file but this doesn’t seem to work.

    Thank you

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      Blocking TCP Ports

      by nexed ·

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      If you are running windows 2000 you can filter the ports via the Advanced TCP/IP settings on your adapter/ dialup connection.

      1.Right click “my network places” on your desktop and go to properties

      2. Right click the network adapter or dialup connection and goto properties

      3. From the list of protocols, select TCP/IP and click properties

      4. Click the advanced button

      5. Goto the options tab, click IP Filtering and click properties.

      6. In this view, you will be able to filter outcertain ports. (remember it will filter out ALL adapters, not just the one you selected)

      This option does not exist in windows 9X or ME.

      Hope that helps,


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      Blocking TCP Ports

      by tech010 ·

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