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Blog comment spam

By Jaqui ·
What is with these twits that post comments on blogs, that have no connection to the content of the blog entry?<br/>
the majority seem to have a gmail email address.<br/>
[ they all have just a mashup of letters for names. ]
The latest one on my blog entry about standards compliancy is the common theme lately:
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Research data true cause <a href="" rel="nofollow">meglutol</a> performs his <a href="" rel="nofollow">meladrazine</a> primitive. In elderly when facing may not and notifies <a href="" rel="nofollow">melanex</a> amantadine. Profiles ous the cyclical occurring at expenses. Uhl et products are to almost fees. Board whose and notifies <a href="" rel="nofollow">melarsonyl potassium</a> isolation was of nearly injury.
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Only a guess

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Blog comment spam

I notice many of the words quoted are links. I assume these litter box grazers are hoping you'll click on one and buy whatever they're selling.

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related to garbage websites

by Dr Dij In reply to Only a guess

These are computer generated.

As Palmetto said, they are hoping you'll click on links.

If you do searches nowadays, you'll see MANY websites, sometimes the bulk of search engine results, with sites containing meaningless garbage, sometimes repeated on dift domains with similar sounding names. The domain names are often meaningless garbage too.

They are often registered as .info, .biz, .cn, br..

or on blogspot or tripod.

I'm guessing they'll try to infect your PC if you click on them. There are so many that siteadvisor and googles anti-spy trollers can't keep up with them, and they may be smart enuf to avoid trying to infect the honeypot troller's PC to avoid listing as spyware site.

They appear to be quite clever in picking search words to put in the garbage sites. Less clever about making the site look meaningful. You can probably avoid many of these if you simply read the google synopsis before clicking and not click on garbage wordings. However some copy legit sites. I've got a site one copied.

It is a major challenge that google, yahoo and the other search engines haven't stepped up to: eliminate these meaningless sites from their listings; based on a combination of AI to see if meaninful content on site, host registered with, how long site registered, etc.

Those two hours a day those 21-27 year olds at google waste could go along way to creating a clever way to kill these idiot sites. (see article about how do you waste time at work)

I hope you marked them as spam. That will help get these computer generated posts off.

Does sign up have a captcha? some bots can now read these tho.

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sorry, pr0n doesn't do it for me.

by Jaqui In reply to Only a guess

I did check one link, it redirects to p0rn sites.

I like linux, I never have to worry the winders malware will get me.
[ and I lock my system down so even linux malware has no chance. ]

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Mad Libs?

by Absolutely In reply to Blog comment spam

Many of the "sentences" actually include "correct" parts of speech in grammatically correct order. It's only the meanings of the words that don't fit together.

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yeah I noticed

by Jaqui In reply to Mad Libs?

I'm suspecting that the posters don't know english so are c&p what they want to post from websites.

I get 10 to 20 of these a day, but since no comments get displayed until I approve them, not one has been shown.

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