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To hunt for a job or to be hunted down for one?

by Narutofan In reply to Blog of an IT generalist

I used to be a kid with some general IT knowledge, but not enough to
get a specialized IT job and I also lacked a degree in that field, and
here where I live we don't have some sort of IT generalist jobs which
would fit me perfectely. So I had a problem as computers are my
life/knowledge.<br />
<br />
So I did a course of network engineer(cisco, win2003, linux) which just
ended a few weeks ago, and now I just get answer to every
jobapplication I do, as before I could be happy if companies answered
10% of my emails/letters(mostly negative but hey respons is respons),
it was just to become desperate. <br />
<br />
Still now I'm getting desperate again as I'm getting too many
oppurtunities, which one is best. I'm getting flooded sort of speaking.<br />
<br />
Location, family company, huge company, wage, company car, ... so I am
where I started, and I feel as a kid again not really sure what to do
next.<br />

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