Bloomberg Keyboard Problems

By arcagroup ·
We are having problems with Bloomberg keyboards on a several workstations (Compaq DC7100 and DC7700). The PCs keep ?loosing? Bloomberg keyboards once in a while. Unplugging and plugging the keyboard fixes the problem. The Bloomberg Techs have been on sigh, but couldn?t resolve the problem. They just updated the keyboard drivers. I run the HP diagnostic CD, but didn?t find any hardware problems. This happens to both types of Bloomberg keyboards. The keyboards have been replaced several times. I also checked the PCs for spyware. Has anyone experienced a problem like this or have any suggestions on how to resolve it?

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Keyboards With DC7700

by niklas.hellblad In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

We have the same problem but we use Standard HP keyboard (KU-0316).

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I have the same problem, i think the users profile is corrupt

by joop_wrangler In reply to Keyboards With DC7700

I have the same problem, i think the users profile is corrupt

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Bloomberg Keyboard

by slava19 In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

I have same problem.. any suggestions ,...?

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Bloomberg Keyboard lockups

by finan In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

I am experiencing the same issue with the Bloomberg biometric keyboard. We use Cubix blade PC's. Occationally the keyboard just stops working. Mouse locks up to. Requires reboot to restore functionality. I relate the lockup to the keyboard because we never experience this with a standard keyboard plugged into the same hardware. Were you able to resolve the issue since you posted this? Thanks.

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by dpirocchi In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

We are all having the same issues with the Bloomberg Keyboard; however, there are no fixes yet. I have tried to disable all the USB ports from disabling the device in the power management tab without any luck. We use Dell?s Optiplex line.

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Bloomberg Keyboard Problems

by Charles_Ward In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

We also have been having problems with Bloomberg keyboards locking and requiring reboots to fix somtimes. Bloomberg has been alerted of the problem but has yet to respond with a solution. I have upgrade bio's on pc reinstalled keyboard drivers. nothing seems to correct it. I have noticed that the IRQ that the USB key board uses is the same as the IRQ used for the Nvidia video card. Which should not make a defferance being they are both plug and play and windows should handle it.

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Bloomberg Keyboard Problems

by cnejenkins In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

I have been running a proof of concept demo for HP Blade workstations. I have recently run into this problem as well. No other keyboards I have used have this issue and seems to be unique to the Bloomberg Keyboard, especially the newer style with the biometric on-board. as far as I can tell the keybaord runs off the PS2 plug and the Biometric and speakers/mic use the USB connection. From what I have seen the USB items still continue to work while the keyboard drops out. to restore it I simply have to unplug the PS2 and plug it back in.

I have done some futher testing and have arrived at the conclusion that the PS2 plug does not draw any power, and only uses the data pins of the PS2. The Keyboard appears to be soley powered from the USB. In my opnion this might cause the PS2 to goto "sleep" since there is no power draw. In theory, we should be able to run the keyboard off just the USB and that should resolve the issue. We'll see.

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USB port by itself not a solution.........

by robert.p.keefe In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

We are using blade technology with the only thing on the users desk a "bus extender" to accommodate the mouse,keyboard, monitor and fiber link. The two wire Bloomberg keyboards are only using the USB connector. The PS/2 connection remains unplugged. We have not found this to solve the issue. Users need to unplug/replug the keyboard throughout the day. I have forwarded this to our Bloomberg sales rep. Please share any solutions!

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Same problem!!

by neek In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

My company is also having these problems with the bloomberg keyboards. Any updates on this? For some reason the keyboards just shut off automatically. A restart of the computer or reseating the usb cord fixes the problem, but obviously will result in some productivity loss and headaches. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! FYI- We are using Dell machines. Thanks


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Major Bloomberg keyboard issue here

by jn In reply to Same problem!!

Same as above. Opened a case with Dell and after extensive testing they cannot find an issue that points to their systems and have told us that it looks to be a Bloomberg issue. Now that I read some of these posts and see its not just Dell systems it further backs up Dell's claim.
Bloomberg has been looking at the issue but no resolution anywhere in sight right now.
Hopefully they can come up with a resolution quickly because this is a major issue for us.

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