Blown power supply in grandpas computer please help!!!

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I feel kinda dumb for asking such a simple question, but I don't have time to research this so bare with Me please. My grandpa loaned me a spare PC of his he built when mine started messing up, and a little while ago I blew the power supply. However I got my PC working so I didn't mess with it, now hes starting to bring his PC up in conversationn. I just don't have the heart to tell him what happened, he takes a lot of pride in the PCs he builds, and I really don't want to let the man down. So I was wanting to just replace it so it can be working before he ends up stopping by, but Im having trouble finding a replacement. I tried pulling up the same exact one online, which is a Enermax ATX 12V VER. 1.2 EG465P-VE (24P) , but everywhere I look its sold out. So could someone please help by pointing me to place I could find this model for sale or recommending some other power supplies with the same set ups that will be just as good. Im not to sure on how to go about figuring out what power supplies are right for a specific mother board. I really hope someone's able to help me so I can avoid disappointing the man he really means a lot to me. So I'd really appreciate any help thank you.

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I would suggest calling companies

Several companies that sell these like Newegg or tigerdirect can assist on a good replacement if you give them a call.

You could even take the power supply in to a local shop so they can see the one that needs replacing.

Good luck!

- Tam mug

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