Blu ray drive?

By Timwateru ·

Can somebody tell me if blue ray drive burn cds/dvds?

I recently bought my blu ray drive and mount it inside the PC. Now I am trying burn movies with NERO 9 but apparently it says there is no driver.

Yet under Device Manager the driver appeared.

Here is the type of my blu ray drive "Lite-On 4x Blu Ray Disc ROM CD/DVD Rom SATA iHOS104" I can be more specific, check out the link

What are my options, do I buy just a new dvd/cd burner or is there is a specific driver for my current-blu ray drive so that I can start burning my data files, movies, music etc.

At the moment, I can watch movies with my NERO, VLC, etc, but I can not burn movies,

Can somebody help me?

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Yes they can burn CD and DVD's well most can at least

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blu ray drive?

However this one is a Reader only not a burner so it's unable to burn any Optical Media.


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Oh Smeg is right

by markp24 In reply to Blu ray drive?

The specs state Read not write under bluray specs

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by Timwateru In reply to Blu ray drive?

Thanks IT team,

My other problem is the sound from my PC.

The type of my motherboard is: MSI P55-GD65 P55 DDR3 LGA1156 ATX/ 4xDDR

The problem really is, I cannot get any sound coming out from the back port as well as the front port. I plugged my speakers in through all the back ports and the front but still no sound coming out. I have installed the driver (Realtek audio driver and NVIDIA Sound driver) but it seemed to be no sound for it.

I have pluked the front audio wire to the motherboard but there is no sound still.

I've just recently built my PC, can someone help.

Many thanks IT guru


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Well if it worked previously

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blu ray drive?

Then try looking in the Sound Devices in the Control Panel and make sure that your actual Sound Device is listed and being used.

if this is not working after loading Realtech Audio Drivers need to be installed before you connect to the Windows Update Servers or you will not hear any sound.

Ideally you should install only the 1 driver and make sure it's the one you actually need if you use the Machine Gun Approach and install every driver available it's not likely to work.

If you do not know which Audio Device you actually have you can use the Unknown Device Identifier available here free


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You might need to change the default speaker settings.

by seanferd In reply to Blu ray drive?

Right click your volume tray icon and select audio properties. Under Hardware, I believe, you change the default output from front to rear (or between whatever other outputs exist). You'll find it in there somewhere.

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