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    Blue error screen


    by judge_dreadd ·

    when installing windows XP professional on my new computer, I am getting a blue screen error which states “Stop: 0x0000007f” “beginning dump of physical memory”….I have checked the RAM, and formatted the hard drive, and I continue to get the same message…….

    Canm someone please give an Idea as to what the issue might be with the install

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      Reply To: Blue error screen

      by wcp ·

      In reply to Blue error screen

      The cause has to be hardware because the BSOD appeared during Windows installation.

      1. Uninstall all non-essential HW ? NIC, modem, USB, Firewire, card reader, for example.

      2. Disconnect non-essential cable to the MB ? Audio, USB, Firewire, for example.

      3. BIOS ? Set the BIOS to default. Set the CPU and RAM frequency correctly.

      4. CPU fan ? Replace the fan if it turns sluggishly or CPU temperature is high (Check the temperature in the BIOS).

      5. RAM ? Match the speeds if there is more than one RAM.

      6. RAM and HD diagnostic test ? Make sure they passed the tests.

      7. Video (if not on-board) card ? Try a different one.

      8. CPU or MB ? If you still has the problem, the cause is by now either CPU or MB. Do the test using UBCD. Refer to

      If you are not sure, take your system to a service place.

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