blue screen

By muleram ·
I have a new problem. I was running out of memory on my pc ,which is running on xp sp2.I got message saying windows was increasing my virtual memory but not too long after that,I got a blue screen ,I can only recall a line saying dumping physical memory or something like that.Now its telling me to insert the system disk and press enter?Whats a system disk? If I have to install the operating system,does that mean that ill loose all my files?
I have the sp2 cd.I dont have a bootable disk and sadly no backup.
Thanx for taking an interest.

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safe mode

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to blue screen

Boot your computer into safe mode,right click on my computer and select advanced,click on the settings button for performance and maintanence and select the change button under the advanced tab.Select your drive and increase the pagefile to min 1000 and 2000 max.Problem solved

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Blue screen

by 3xp3rt In reply to blue screen

If you have the Windows XP CD, this is your bootable Disk. With the blue screen you can find the origin of your error consulting the information of BSOD (Blue Screen Of Dead). For future information go to http://admin.rbworks.com/rbw-kb/public.asp?id=435&getdetails=1

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The System Disc is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to blue screen

Either the Recovery CD that originally came with the system or a M$ OEM Windows CD.

You can perform a Repair Install by following the directions here


and you will not loose any of your data or programs though you will loose any Service Packs & Patches that have been installed since the computer was originally setup.

As for the SP2 CD is it Blue or Silver or Copper looking? If it's either Silver or Copper that's the Install CD and you'll need the Product Key off the COA to perform a Repair Install. If it's Blue & White it's the Service Pack 2 CD that was handed out to everyone who asked for one by M$ when SP2 became available.

But provided that you have your COA you can use any copy of XP to perform the Repair Install from provided that it's the same type XP Home or Pro or Media Centre as the License is tied to the COA not the CD. But you will need the 25 Digit String from the COA to perform the Repair Install and after you have that working it would be a great idea to start backing up your data on a regular basis. If the HDD fails you can be up for thousands of $ to recover the data off a $80.00 HDD. Preventive steps really are far cheaper than attempting to clean up the mess after the event.

If you can not Beg Steal or Borrow the correct Windows Install CD you're only alternative is to buy a OEM Copy which will cost you and you'll have to buy some hardware with the OEM Copy to remain Legit with M$ Licensing Policy, but if that's the case you will then have the right to install the OS on another computer and you'll always then have the CD available when it's needed.


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