Blue screen after installing service pack 2 on Window XP Pro

By retic1071 ·
I am using XP Pro Version 2002 and installed service pack 2 and some security updates and went to re-boot. When the computer gets to the black screen with the word windows with the scrolling blue bar, you think the sign on is next but no. It goes right to a blue screen with no error message. I am running an AMD Athlon XP 2500 1.84Ghz with 3.00 GB of Ram and DFI Lanparty KT400a. I can pull it up in safe mode and my 3rd hard drive is not coming up like it would before. Not sure what else I can tell you please help


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re: Blue Screen after update

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Blue screen after install ...

More than likely, you have an incompatible driver issue.

First, shut down and remove all secondary hard drives and devices that are not absolutely critical to the system booting up. Remove extra CD/DVD drives. Remove network/modem cards. Leave just the video, hard drive and RAM plugged in. Then, try to boot. If successful, reboot a couple of times to make sure it is able to clear it's throat, then shut down and add just ONE thing back at a time, repeating until you discover the offending component. Once you locate it, reboot in safe mode and go to the device manager to locate that component and remove/delete/uninstall it. Then, shut down, remove that component, reboot to normal, go online to find updated drivers for that component that are XP SP2 compatible and have them ready to install when asked for. Shut down, put the component back in. This time, when Windows looks for drivers for it, you'll point it to where you have the new drivers stored.

If the offending component happens to be your modem/network card which is needed to get online to get new drivers, you'll have to get those drivers using another computer and transport them to this computer using a floppy/usb thumb drive/CD/DVD/external hard drive... anything portable.

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You read my mind. Perhaps a BIOS flash is in order for his PC

by ManiacMan In reply to re: Blue Screen after upd ...

If SP2 introduced a new driver, which I am sure it did, and the BIOS predates the version of the driver, then you have a mismatch that results in the ugly BSOD. I think a simple BIOS flash will fix this, but he'll have to access the web from another PC to download the BIOS flash software.

Another option would be to boot into safe mode and remove SP2 and go back to the SP1 version, which will get the machine booting again. If the machine boots fine, proceed to get the BIOS update and apply it. Once the BIOS is updated, then try to reinstall XP SP2 and see if the problem is erradicated.

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Pull it up in safe mode and try a system restore...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Blue screen after install ...

to a point before you installed the service pack and security updates. If that works, and you have full access to your machine again don't re-install the service pack and the security updates.

Also, below are a couple of links to information regarding removal of SP2.

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Boot to safe mode with command prompt

by eugenekoong In reply to Pull it up in safe mode a ...


You can also try to boot to safe mode with command prompt and try this command to repair windows :- chkdsk /r

Hope this help

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