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Blue Screen after log-on screen and welcome screen

By charlex60649 ·
My Windows Vista home Premium Desktop PC. loads past the the log-on screen and to the welcome screen and after that it goes blank to a blue coloured screen and nothing else is shown on the screen just a light coloured blue screen. Nothing is written on the screen like error codes or stop codes explaining what was wrong with system like you have in the normal blue screen of death scenario.

I got into safe mode to try and work out the problem but no success. In safe mode, after log-on, my screen just goes black with just safe mode written at the top and bottom of screen nothing else. No desktop or desk top icons. Just black screen. Please help

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Sounds like a display issue

by NickNielsen In reply to Blue Screen after log-on ...

If you can, install a different video card and see if this fixes the problem.

But you also say that you get the "Safe Mode" display in safe mode. Try repairing the operating system: boot to your Windows install DVD and select "Repair" when given the option.

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VGA Mode

by Mike-Scott In reply to Sounds like a display iss ...

Can't remember if it's still an option in Vista, I sure hope they didn't get rid of it, but if you could boot into VGA mode. If it works, then it's a display issue. If it doesn't then it's not a display issue.

I didn't think that repair was still an option in Vista.

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Don't know, myself

by NickNielsen In reply to VGA Mode

Don't have Vista at home and don't have to support it at work.

I just made the [apparently invalid] assumption...

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It's too bad too

by Mike-Scott In reply to Don't know, myself

Yea, I assumed initially that it was there, I don't quite understand the reasoning behind removing it, but mine is not to reason why...

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With MS it's hard to tell

by NickNielsen In reply to It's too bad too

But after over 25 years of using their software, I've come to believe that somebody there is making these decisions based on "customers like it, it's got to go" reasoning.

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