Blue screen c000021a after cloning Dell to HP - Windows 7

By robertr64 ·
Due to hardware problems on an old Dell XPS400, I am attempting to clone my old Windows 7 Ultimate system image to a new HP Pavillion desktop with 2 drives. Drive 1 on the HP is the original Windows 7 that came with the HP, drive 2 is the clone. I would do a fresh install or work from the good drive 1, but unfortunately I don't have access to many of my original software packages (due to a layoff). So I used Norton Ghost and successfully transferred the data, but Windows 7 won't boot, getting a stop error C000021A.

I already tried these:
- startup repair it reports that it is unable to do any automatic repair.
- safe mode and last good configuration - won't boot - hangs up on classpnp.sys and then gets the stop error.
- Ran the Paragon rescue tool to try to correct the drivers, it made some corrections but didn't solve the problem.

The old Dell boots ok but it crashes intermittently. Any other suggestions for tools to make this work? I don't have Windows 7 Ultimate CDs as the one on the Dell was loaded online using the Anytime upgrade option, from Windows 7 Professional edition.

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This is because a Dell isn't a HP and they have different Hardware

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blue screen c000021a afte ...

You have different HAL Files Hardware Abstraction Layer Files in the Dell to the HP so the correct Drivers are not present.

Not only that but if you manage to get the thing working it will need to Reactivate Windows owing to the different drivers required being more than the 3 Limit that is allowed before reactivation.

As all OEM Software including Windows is tied to the Original Hardware you are attempting to commit an Act of Piracy which will land you in deep trouble with Microsoft who will pick this up and send someone from their Legal Department to have a little talk to you about the errors of your ways.

They will also want quite a lot of money for your actions here and be willing to wait you out with Court Action. Even if they settle for no money they will insist on listing your Name & Address/contact details in their Enforcement Alerts which is a Public Document.

If you want to persist you need to do a Repair Install of 7 to get it working on the Different Hardware to install the correct drivers. After that you will need to apply all Service Packs and Updates that have been released since your Install Disc was made.

Also you'll most likely need a M$ Branded Install Disc as apposed to a System Makers Recovery Disc to do the Repair Install.


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Indeed interspecies cloning is not recommend

by Michael Jay In reply to This is because a Dell is ...

usually comes out badly.

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OEM installs are keyed to the BIOS . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Blue screen c000021a afte ...

has been that way since Win2K

Dull is especially fond of doing this, and their OEM OS restore discs won't even boot the wrong hardware, it pops a screen
"this disc is intended for use only on Dull systems"

and even a bare metal restore won't work when changing Mfg. hardware

only installs done with Retail and System Builder discs can be restored to dissimilar hardware via bare metal recovery

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Dell to HP clone

by robertr64 In reply to OEM installs are keyed to ...

The Dell originally came with XP. The version I had there was a retail copy (Windows 7 Professional upgraded to Ultimate via Anytime upgrade). And I'm ready to buy an additional Windows licence if needed, just don't want to lose the applications. Would it work any better without the built-in Dell OS?

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your backup program must support Bare Metal Recovery

by Who Am I Really In reply to Dell to HP clone

a Bare Metal Recovery deletes the HAL and forces windows to start up as though it's just been install on the system

so you'll see all the found new hardware dialogs etc. and will have to supply the necessary drivers for them

and in some instances have to supply the windows product Key and go through activation again

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Retail DVD

by willcomp In reply to Blue screen c000021a afte ...

If you have a retail copy of Win7, then you can legally transfer that copy to another PC.

The root of the problem likely is, as already stated by OhSmeg, the HAL. But, unless he knows something I don't, there is no way to do a repair install of Win7 on a non-booting PC like one could with XP and earlier versions.

All versions of Win7 (Home, Pro, and Ultimate) are on your retail DVD. The version installed is dictated by the product key used during installation. You should be able to use your Ultimate key to install from your retail DVD.

Boot from the Win7 DVD and run chkdsk /r. It may work and is worth a try.

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Dell to HP clone

by robertr64 In reply to Retail DVD

It didn't work - found some sector errors but startup repair still says it can't do an automatic repair. Is there a trick to remove the HAL information from the good partition (maybe using Linux?)

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"due to a layoff?"

by oldbaritone In reply to Blue screen c000021a afte ...

were "my original software packages" truly yours, or did they belong to your former employer?

Since you don't have the Ultimate CDs, do you have the Professional CDs? Can you boot from them?

Sorry, but the way the situation is described, it sounds fishy. TR members don't help pirate or bootleg software.

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Dell to HP clone

by robertr64 In reply to "due to a layoff?"

I do have the Professional CDs. They appear to boot ok and can recognize the cloned partition. Howeveer, the startup repair doesn't do anything there.

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