Blue Screen -- Freezing Up

By battle_against_war_pigs ·
Hey all. New to the site.

Alright I have an HP laptop. Windows XP. Just got it this past Christmas. Every now and then I'd get a blue screen in the middle of a task on the computer. That was far and in between.

Now just today, I'm starting to get them more frequently (2 today). Also, my laptop will freeze up for up to 5 minutes at a time sometimes, and either do one of the two things:

1. Go back to the way it was working.
2. Show ze blue screen!

Any help?

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For blue screens

by DaveDXB In reply to Blue Screen -- Freezing U ...

I usually get that because of a driver problem. When i install printers or update hardware drivers.

Usually on the blue screen, it will show you the name of the file like "sze32.dll" or whatever. Type that in google, and it will tell you what that file relates too, printer drivers, graphics, etc.

Then you just simply update that file to another updated version or whatever. Or just remove it. Hopefully removing it doesnt effect other parts of the system.

Does the blue screen show you any file name?

Does it always show you the same file name?

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this happend from the first time that you have the laptop ?

by kgr1gr In reply to Blue Screen -- Freezing U ...

if yes ,and if this happend radomly in time ,i thing that you have problem on RAM .

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by kylej In reply to Blue Screen -- Freezing U ...


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by dalagr14 In reply to Blue Screen -- Freezing U ...

The best thing you could do is to either
Reinstall windows by booting up from the cd and the reinstalling (Keeps all your files intact) or format which deletes all your files. bsod are extremly annoying lol.

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fix blue screen

by luciferhaha In reply to Blue Screen -- Freezing U ...

This is a driver error.
If we are to talk an average of what causes these errors , here are some facts
5-20% of these errors are actually caused by the OS.
10% are hardware related.
70% are the result of faulty drivers or software incompatibility.

you can go to this page to fix blue screen
The Blue Screen of Death, or more properly the 'Windows stop message' occurs when Windows detects a problem or error from which it cannot recover. The operating system halts and diagnostic information is displayed on a blue screen. In newer versions of the operating system, the contents of the PC's memory are dumped to a file for later analysis.

All Windows XP stop errors are numbered according to the circumstances that caused the error, which assists enormously in troubleshooting them.

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Fix your watch...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to fix blue screen

Yours is obviously still set for 2007.

32 Months have passed since this problem was first posted.

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