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Blue Screen Of Death.

By DDillon ·
I have a Windows NT workstation 4.0 installed on an intel 810 chipset motherboard. Intermittently the system crashes to the Blue Screen. The screen reads at the top "page fault in non-paged area." I am running IE5.0 with service pack 4. I tried running IE5.5 with service pack 6a. with the same results. I've tried installing IE first then the SP. I've tried installing the SP first then IE. It makes no difference. The BSOD appears mostly when I am in IE moving to links in web sites or to a new website. It also occurs when My computer is accessed ( But far less) If anyone has an idea please let me know

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BSOD... (or "life with bill")!!

by msamson In reply to Blue Screen Of Death.

Can you give some further details about your system... processor, memory, hdd, nic card, pagefile size, non-standard software or hardware... you know the drill!!

Of the bat, it sounds like a memory issue... but still, it could be anything!


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I agree

by mjholley In reply to BSOD... (or "life with bi ...

Sounds much like a memory issue with your PC. I would change it and see what happens.

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Junior Desktop Engineer .. Help

by ArthurP In reply to BSOD... (or "life with bi ...

Can anyone please explain the phenomenon of the BSOD ..

I'm a junior Desktop engineer, & although I've experienced the outcome, I cannot find any published material upon the BSOD.

What do the codes mean, how do I read them, & then derive the answer to the problem ?

I'd be grateful for any help & guidance that you can offer.

Thank you


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