Blue Screen of Death

By mikeandjen2005 ·
As my computer has been very slow for a while and having tried various other methods of speeding it up such as disk defragment, deleting temp files, adware detectors, virus checkers etc I decided to restore my computer to its original factory settings. I did this through instructions given in the book given with the computer. I was given the opportunity to create my own master cd's which I did, however when I restored the system I did not use them. I installed the software that was perviously on the computer such as printer driver, camera, etc. Ever since then when I switch on the computer I get the BSoD at various different times, sometimes as soon as I switch on, sometimes not for a while. The error message varies, sometimes it says something is 'not_less_than_or_equal_to' other messages say something about a 'pool' any suggestions???

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How did you restore?

by DownRightTired In reply to Blue Screen of Death

It sounds like your using your system restore (start > programs > accessories > system tools > sys restore ?) did you do this or did you actually wipe your hard drive and re-install?

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Bad RAM?

by sgt_shultz In reply to How did you restore?

this is usually a driver issue but the mskb sez this can be also be bad ram and it occurs to me that might explain your earlier problems that you were unable to affect with the usual methods. there are free ram testers like the knoppix cd. i am not that familiar with them, perhaps others can help with that. depending on the configuration of your ram you may be able to take out half to see if you can isolate the bad memory modules that way.
other ideas:
1. we need more of the error message. the first part of the Stop error number plus any files mentioned.
2. check this out at your computer mfg's website. power management, especially laptops can give bsod's and need patching. while you are there update to latest bios version and motherboard drivers.

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hard drive was wiped

by mikeandjen2005 In reply to Bad RAM?

I used the 'packard bell complete recovery' method. I have tried the standard system restore before and it didnt work. When carrying out the recovery I tried to do a partial recovery but an error occured so I had to do a complete one. The bsod message this morning was 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL' but this is one of many. Following this I have tried doing it again, this time using master cd's, so far have not had any deathly messages but we will see : )

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if u still have problems

by DownRightTired In reply to hard drive was wiped

It could be a number of things. Go to your hardware profiles (right click my computer > click manage> hardware profiles) and make sure first of all you have all the correct drivers installed (no yellow ! marks)
May want to trya program that will completely wipe your disk. Not real sure what method your manufacturer uses but it may only be wiping the partition. I doubt its a virus but its possible.
I would also agree w/ schultz, it could be a RAM problem, this actually seems the most likely problem, but possibly the biggest pain to fix in a laptop too....

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by mikeandjen2005 In reply to if u still have problems

Well I have re-done everything I said I was going to do, and (touch wood) everything seems to be ok now, maybe I installed a driver wrong before or something?? Many thanks for helping; being mostly computer illiterate and relying on sites such as this I am most grateful x

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