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Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

By May_Day ·
I'm having a trouble installing win 98 on a pc having a motherboard of "ASUS A7V8X-MX" 128 MB DDR RAM/Geforce MX 400 videocard and a processor ATHLON XP 2500. At first i was able to install win 98 on the said system, but after 15 mins sometimes even less my pc wil display the BlueScreen of Death and will hang. I checked if the Processor is overheating but its within the normal temperature, so to isolate the problem i reinstalled win 98 again (clean installation that is)without installing any drivers(i.e videocard,lancard,soundcard etc.) to able to isolate if any of the drivers is causing the BSoD. After that I run the screesaver, waited and observed for 5-10 minutes if the problem will be gone, but unfortunately it didn't the BSoD is still there and my pc will hang. I tried re-installing win 98 3 times of but no sucess BSoD still comes. To make the problem more complicated, upon boot-up i noticed that my pc takes time to display the P.O.S.T (power on self test) but after taking time to display the P.O.S.T it will continue to load windows 98 but to my suprise after restarting my pc will display a blank screen, no cursor blink or anything at all but i can see there is an activity in my hard disk LED. So what i did is to push the restart button on my pc but still i get a blank screen but sometimes it was able to continue and load windows. I also tried shutting down the pc for 3-5 minutes thinking it will reset any memory effect of that kind and still no success. Before I forgot the my pc is just a year old. Prior to win 98 I was using win xp pro for about 7 months before i went on installing win 98. IS THIS A MEMORY RELATED PROBLEM ?? I can only guess if this is a memory related problem. Does it have an effect on the P.O.S.T if you have a RAM. Please help me.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...

Sounds like a RAM problem to me, try running some memory tests.


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by Blackcurrant In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...


Have you previously managed to finish the installation of Win98SE on this machine? If so, have you tried booting into Safe Mode - will it work then? Do you have the latest Win98 specific drivers for your system installed? Are they available??

Why not go back to using WinXP - do you have a specific reason for installing Win98 on a machine designed to run XP?

Good luck

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by cp7212 In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...

Adding on to Blackcurrant's reply, go back to using XP, but you can also set up your hard drive to dual-boot. Use XP on your system partition and make an extended partition with a logical drive to put Win98 upon. You can make a boot.ini file to make XP your primary boot partition.

This way, you can use XP to look into the partition that 98 is on and diagnose.

Also, bad RAM will display a blank screen. But one thing I didn't see in your post was, did your machine POST correctly? Or did you get something else other than one solid beep?

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by willcomp In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...

My 2 prime candidates would be memory and video adapter. Best way to tell is a part swap with known good components. Yes, both will affect POST.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...

bet this happens in safe mode also. i vote for hardware also. video likely suspect. i would sling in another card if possible. but that long post makes me think also ram. can you take out half the ram for a test. what is the exact error message. this is fishing but sounds like you might be in dos compatiblilty mode. anything special about hard disk controller. did you flash bios to latest greatest. is everything in devicd manager unbanged with no yellow exclamination points or question marks

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by Poettone In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...

My only question for you is: When you get the bsod, are there any clues to the issue. Typically you will get the module or codes relating to the error.

My second question: Why in the world would you go from XP back to the stone age and 98. 98 has been jinxed since it inception. Bad move here.

I would suspect that your hardware (since it wasn't even thought of when 98 was around it not compatible with your hardware. Since all your hardware is new, the RD on the older drivers is no as promeninent and frankly not as tested.. I would say your video card in this case is the issue..

Again the only way to say for sure would be to use a pci adapter and see what you get..

I would rule out RAM as you had the system working just fine on XP..(I'm assuming here) so I don't think this would be the issue.

Good Luck

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by JAC66 In reply to Blue Screen of Death (BSo ...

I agree that this is a hardware issue, check memory and also run a hard drive diagnostics tool, the hard drive may be failing.

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