Blue screen of death :S

By JK LetJo ·
Hey i'm brand new here i suppose because it is the first time i see a blue screen .
I was playing LoL when suddenly my pc crashed and showed me a error message with the error code 0x490
i went to microsoft support and i saw that some off my disk space wasn't readable
when i opened my pc the next day there wasn't any problem . i loged to windows and
a shutdown report came and told that a file from the %temp% was problematic , and another file from Windows/Minidump (the extension of the file was .dmp.xml and it had numbers as a name)
my Pc runs Windows 7 home prem x64
has 3Gb DDR2 Ram
512 mb Nvidia graphics
Dual core CPU 1.66 GHz
Well i take good care of my pc , defragments diagnostics every week antivirus checks etc etc...
And like one week later i tried to log and another blue screen of death appeared , but this time it was stale (i mean it did't rebooted like the previous one) and gave me a huge error code :

0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFc0000005 , 0xFFFFF8000C1FF617 , 0xFFFFF880009A88A8 , 0xFFFFF880009A8100)

above that it was telling something for BIOS selection about ram and hardware changes & drivers

so i reseted my pc and took away my graphics card and seted BIOS to default by removing the battery .

i open my pc with the on-board graphics card but it didn't respond , then i closed it again and put my graphics card back and reopened it ....
then nothing happened just like before (i checked the cables and all but all was okay) did i actually made my pc burst ?

what should i do for the huge error if i make my pc run again ?

P.S. sorry about the mistakes but i got english as second language and i am not the best at it

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My first guess would be either a failing motherboard,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Blue screen of death :S

or maybe just a simple failing battery on the motherboard. Other possibilities could be a power supply unit going bad, or at least not providing enough power. Maybe first check the battery, that's a relatively easy inexpensive fix, then the power supply, then the motherboard.
By the way, when you switch graphics to on-board, you need to be sure and enter BIOS setup and tell the system which graphics you are using. When switching back to the graphic card, you'll need to do the same.

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Stop Code: 0x0000007E

by Sven2157 In reply to Blue screen of death :S

Can usually be resolved with a video driver update.
Visit one of the following: if you have an nVidia Video Card if you have an ATI Video Card if you have on-board Intel Video

If you are unsure of your Video Card, then use the 'Automatically Detect...' feature.

Hope that helps! ;-)


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i'm with Wiz

by PurpleSkys In reply to Blue screen of death :S

failing motherboard sounds quite probable

TR Moderator

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Reponse To Answer

by Sven2157 In reply to i'm with Wiz

Ok ... But failing RAM, CPU, Video Card and Hard Drive sound quite probable, as well. Why must, the most drastic situation, constantly be the first initial response to the users' situation?

That's like going to the doctor for a lump, and him/her telling you it is Cancer; just by what you told them! ...

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have you updated your Nvidia drivers?

by BMD2375 In reply to Blue screen of death :S

The latest Nvidia WHQL certified driver 320.18 has been confirmed to be killing users GPU's. The majority of cards reported as damaged so far are older 4xx and 5xx series Fermi based cards.

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by JK LetJo In reply to Blue screen of death :S

well thnx for the comment but i figured out that it might be cause by my graphics card ...
(when i tell i "figured" out i mean that i was pluging and unpluging hard ware from my pc)

now that it is with the onboard card and 3gb ram (i changed the bios batery just to be sure )
it run's smoothly

-thnx for the assistance again


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