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    Blue Screen of Death & Stop Error 7f


    by tink56 ·

    The hard drive on my sister’s Dell 8200 died. I ordered a new one from Dell and installed it. Installed Windows 2000 OS, Office, device software (printer, CD burning, etc.), everything that came with the computer. Ran it for a few days and everything seemed fine. Installed it at her house and got her cable internet connection going. Note: the machine has 512k of RAM.

    After three weeks she reported a problem. You start the machine, it boots up, the Windows 2000 splash screen appears showing W2K loading. Then it goes to the Blue Screen of Death and immediately starts to reboot. It will do this on a continual cycle until you power it off.

    The appearance of the BSOD is fast, only a second. I was able to see that it was a Stop Error 7f but that’s all I can get.

    NOTE: I can boot to Safe Mode just fine. However, I’m not sure what to look for.

    Between the time I gave her back the “clean” machine and the Stop error began, this is what occured (according to her memory):

    1. She installed a popular Casino game.
    2. She downloaded and installed Norton Security Works.
    3. She installed some card game software (I saw a Hoyle desktop icon among others).
    4. She installed some sort of software from the Oregon Lottery to play a lottery game.
    5. Her granddaughter downloaded and installed iTunes
    6. Her granddaughter attempted to download and install a SIMS game. (Although I could not find any kind of SIMS game installed.)

    Given that I can boot to Safe Mode, I’m thinking it is a software issue. I am thinking of wiping away the hard drive and going with a clean installation again. This time I’ll do a backup or image of the system before I give it back to her.

    However, anyone have opinions on this? Could it be a hardware issue and I’m just wasting my time?

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