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Blue Screen upon boot up

By luv2bike2 ·
I have a Windows 2000 computer that when it boots up, goes to the Windows 2000 Splash screen and than to the Blue Screen of Death, it is only up for the most 2 seconds than it reboots and goes through the same process all over again. I was able to take a picture of the blue screen to see what it said.

Stop: c0000218 (Registry file Failure)
the registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent or not writable.

Beginning dump of physical memory.
Physical memory dump complete.

I have tried to reboot with last known good. however that did not work.
I placed my Win2000 CD in, rebooted and tried to do a Repair, but it came up saying that it could not find the repair software or something to that effect. I did a Chkdsk c: /p /r and it found and fix some errors, however when i rebooted i still got the blue screen

I do not have an ERD diskette so I can not do that procedure.

Any one have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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by leirags In reply to Blue Screen upon boot up

Put your hard disk on other machine with Win2k or Win Xp, and try to scan the hard disk.

Then make a copy of registry directory if you can read then try to load the registry and fix.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to

Thank you for your suggestion! Greatly appreciated! :)

I am looking into putting into another system as a slave, if that works where I can get the data off of the hard drive that will be great.
I am not sure what you mean or how to "make a copy of the registry directory if you can read than try to load the registry and fix" . I know i can backup the registry if I am able to get into the registry but if i can not get into Win2000 how can i back it up and try to load it?

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by NI70 In reply to Blue Screen upon boot up

Here's a must have CD, Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. You'll need to create the boot CD, and the instructions are fairly straight forward. This CD boots into memory, and with it you can burn CDs with one of the CD burning applictions. There are many other tools on this CD as well. I recommend this CD, as I've used it many, many times and the price is right - FREE!

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by luv2bike2 In reply to

I tried to go to the link above but it came back with page can not be displayed.

thanks for your suggestion any way. :)

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by G... In reply to Blue Screen upon boot up

It looks to me as your HD is dying. If you didn't do anything special before the crashes appear and checkdisk finds some errors. I'd say put your HD in another PC and see if it works there, backup what you can and try checkdisk again.
If there are more errors, you'll know that the drive will die soon. If not, maybe there can be hope but you'll probably need a fresh install.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to

I was able to get into the system by copying the config files from system32\config directory than copied the original files from the repair directory into the systems32\config directory. at least I am able to get the data off the HD and than check the HD for more errors. it is a good possiblity that the HD is going bad. Thanks

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by luv2bike2 In reply to Blue Screen upon boot up

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