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    BlueRay obsolesence ?


    by oz_media ·

    “Got a big archiving project you?ve been itching to do? Pioneer?s latest development could help you keep all your data in one nice, little circular package. The Japanese electronics maker has been working on an optical disc, which, like Blu-ray, can store 25GB of data in a single layer. But Pioneer says it?s one-upped the high-definition format to the sixteenth degree. The company announced today that it has a single disc that contains 16 layers of storage, at 25GB each. That adds up to 400GB of data capable of being stored on a single disc.”

    So now I have to wait for CNet’s lawyers to contact me about copying their copy? I found it elsewhere with credit to CNet, so it’s probably posted somewhere else here too.

    “Update: Now that the English press release is out, it’s less clear whether the new media — whenever it might come to market — will work in existing Blu-ray players or not. While “it is possible to maintain compatibility between the new 16-layer optical disc and the BD discs,” players would seemingly require a modified optical pick-up mechanism to see the data. We’ll learn more on July 13th when Pioneer discusses the breakthrough in detail.”

    Great, so now Future Shop and Best Buy have to offer rebated for everyone that bought a BlueRay player with the last obsolete player rebate? LOL 😀

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      by .martin. ·

      In reply to BlueRay obsolesence ?

      It is quite sad that a new ‘better’ technology has been released already….
      It took years for DVDs to overtake Videos, with years passing by before blu-ray and HD DVD, then so quickly a new media…

      I am just waiting for the next media to compete with this new 400GB media

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        New Technology

        by ed woychowsky ·

        In reply to sad

        Just hope that it doesn’t turn out to be another Bubble Memory. By the way, whatever happened to the holographic memory that IBM was talking about?

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          Holographic – Nowhere

          by alaniphantom ·

          In reply to New Technology

          Holographic isn’t going anywhere. the industry is pretty much adopting blu ray as the standard platform moving forward. More importantly, GE took it over from IBM….which means this clearly isn’t going anywhere

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        I just laugh at those that adopt new technology right away

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to sad

        There are always those who feel a need to have the newest on the market, there are MANY drawbacks to being those pople.

        I have a coupe fo family mambers who are quite well off and ALWAYS have to buy the latest and greatest of everything, I just laugh at them, as before they even have it unpacked, it is obsolete.

        drawabacks to being an early adopter:

        1) Price is ridiculously high
        2) In most cases, if the technology stays, it will improve and cost less in a short time. The latest and greatest becomes the first, bulkiest, heaviest and most expensive very fast. I’ll wait a few months/year and get a better quality product, with a better, more stable feature set at a lower cost.
        3) They usually don’t do enough research to realize that a better product or format has already been released in Japan and will hit here in a year.

        In the case of BlueRay, even before BlueRay won that war, this new technology was already being used in Japan. In fact in Japan they have a MUCH MUCH higher resolution technology for even broadcasting than HD programming offers us in North America today, so why even bother with HD for now? Higher resolution sets and feeds are not far off.
        Especially seeing as, while many stations are filming in HD now, the local broadcaster often sends you those HD programs in standard broadcast quality anyway.

        I remember when there were 36 US and global neteworks supposedly broadcasting in HD, so people in Canada were upping to HD systems, but the local cable providers were only rebroadcasting about 4 of them in HD. People just don’t do their homework before jumping on board.

        If you want to see what IS going to happen, just look at Japan’s industry as it directly leads our own. While some of their technology doesn’t make it too far, the bulk of anything worthy hits North America.

        For instance, the new cell phone scanning system that allows yuo to shop in stores, ride buses and subways etc. just with a quick swipe of your phone over a reader, it automatically withdraws money from your preset bank account.

        I see flaws as in theft of devices etc, but they just become as valuable as a wallet and are kept safer than before.

        Some people seem stunned that the world changes so rapidly but that’s only because of a narrow focus, if you follow what others are doing around the world, you soon find that we are just playing catch-up to those that are the leaders and that this new technology has been in development for several years already.

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          Why do your homework

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to I just laugh at those that adopt new technology right away

          when you can have news/ads/salespeople tell you what you want???
          Isnt that the American way :^0 :^0

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          unfortunately true!

          by alaniphantom ·

          In reply to Why do your homework

          That’s the problem with most IT environments. CIO’s doing the same thing over while expecting different results! They complain yet run back to the same vendors and sales people who got them where they presently are…it’s a shame

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      by alaniphantom ·

      In reply to BlueRay obsolesence ?

      blu ray did over take HD DVD and won. However, you are right, the early adopters that simply want the latest and greatest. Same can be said for CIOs that simply want to sound like they are on the cutting edge of technology. “We’re gonna virtualize, we’re gonna send it all into the cloud”……usually a thunderstorm happens and the cloud comes raining down…hard too!


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