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Bluetooth -does it work?

By Techjunkie ·
I've been evaluating a Bluetooth Network - Smartphone to PC, Bluetooth printer server, PDA etc - will it work, no way - I've sent a file to the pc from the smartphone and where it went is anybody's guess!!

So, what are your experiences of using Bluetooth?

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Mine does

by acp2g In reply to Bluetooth -does it work?

I have a Motorola V600 phone and purchased a Bluetooth headset from my cell provider. I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE!

I can hear better with this Bluetooth headset than any wired headset I ever had. There are occasions that the phone doesn't see my bluetooth device, but they are very few and far between. Maybe once every couple weeks or so.

Please note that I did purchase a Bluetooth capable headset off the Internet from another country that ended up being very poor in quality, so I sent it back. I ended up paying $50 more for my current one and it is definitely worth the extra money.


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by jbaker In reply to Bluetooth -does it work?

As Bluetooth is still such a young technology, I think the only things that are implemented well are Keyboards, Mice, phone headsets, and perhaps headphones.

When I was driving a lot, I used my bluetooth headset all day every day, and absolutely loved it. I broke my expensive one, bought a cheap one, and it sounded (to whoever I was calling) like I was in a well, so I do not use it.

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by jmgarvin In reply to

I like bluetooth to an extent, but it really seems to be too young to make a real desision on it. It has problems and it needs to grow up.

Part of what I hate is that too many cell phones come with bluetooth installed and it is an easy hack into your phone without you knowing (IRRC wasn't some celebs phone hacked recently because of this?)

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Mine works

by burianek In reply to Bluetooth -does it work?

I have bluetooth and my cell works better as I could not hear in the house with the cell and now its perfect.

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use new versions of bluetooth devices

by nagababu_s In reply to Bluetooth -does it work?

You better use new versions of bluetooth devices that will work at better data rates.Bluetooth is obviously a good choice for short range wireless connections.Go ahead with bluetooth and you will definitely find a difference.Good Luck......

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I've got my Palm & HP Officejet working ....

by ewillis In reply to Bluetooth -does it work?

I've got my Palm Synching with my laptop via bluetooth and I can print photos, docs, text files etc with my HP 7310 Office Jet via bluetooth as well. I can even print from my Palm Tungsten to the OfficeJet directly. The only problem I have with it is I can't scan using bluetooth yet. The HP director app doesn't seem to know it needs to look at the virtual port. If I plug in the USB cable it scans fine. I would also like to be able to use bluetooth to connect a laptop and a PC but so far I don't have a clue.

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My experience with Ttalk handsfree Bluetooth

by carfield1980 In reply to Bluetooth -does it work?

I love this little device a lot. It is call TTalk Classic Animal Figure Bluetooth. It has a n animal outlook with a bluetooth integrated inside. I can put it in my car as a car kit. Or I can put it on my table to watch my friend talking with me. I have taken a video of how my device working. It is really nice. Please see the link below:

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