Bluetooth Not Activating

By Tyharo ·
Hi, I recently bought a laptop for college and gaming but I'm having and issue with my Intel Wireless Card. I've been trying to activate my Bluetooth that comes with my wireless card but I'am unable to install the driver that came on the Drivers and Utilities DVD. Each time I try to install the driver it tells me to turn on the BT first (Fn+F12), but each time I press Fn+F12 the indicator light doesn't turn on and nothing appears on the screen. I've tried installing the latest drive, I've gone to the device properties and it says the BT is enabled. I've also gone into my BIOS where there is a setting (power bluetooth setting) and I've enabled it. I cant think of any other way to fix this issue, please help.

My Wireless card is an Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN and I'm running windows 7 home premium.

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I think you'll find that the WiFi isn't your BT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bluetooth Not Activating

Every NB I've ever worked on that had BT used a separate card to the WiFi Card and they all needed to be turned on. The WiFi and BT share a common Indicator which changes from orange for WiFi to Blue for BT and you need to press the same control twice to turn both on. So when all Wireless communication is off you press the On Keys once to turn on the WiFi a second time to turn on the WiFi & BT and a third time to turn everything off.

You'll need to look at the user manual that came with the NB to find out how to turn on the BT before you can install it's driver.


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Reponse To Answer

by futuris In reply to I think you'll find that ...

You could check the specs of this Intel`a example to see its combined WiFi/BT PCIe card: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/centrino/centrino-wireless-n-1030-brief.html

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Looked through manual

by Tyharo In reply to Bluetooth Not Activating

I took a look at the manual and all it says is to press the key combo to turn it on, then install the driver from the DVD and restart, nothing else. Maybe the laptop didn't come with blue tooth.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looked through manual

That's a possibility though I would look in Device Manager and see what it shows you as being present and possibly what doesn't have drivers installed.

However without knowing the Make & Model of the NB it's impossible to say what it came with.


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It could be soft-locked

by futuris In reply to Bluetooth Not Activating

As I know your BT could be software-blocked by the producer of your laptop (is it Acer/Gateway/PackardBell ?). I think in such case you`ll have to try Linux Live CD or USB-based system to unlock it in command-line way. But honestly even doing so I could not unblock BT in my Atheros 5B95 WiFi card (but the option "Enable Bluetooth 11n" is in driver`s settings).
I think that co-existance of WiFi and BT in one card is very logical as both of this tecs using same frequencies so it should be only software defined the way they will operate.
I`ve heard something about conflict between Intel and (?) Broadcom about this theme.
Anyway, you`re adviced to try Linux to resolve your trouble (and try to surf under Linux - you`ll wonder how the results of your search questions be different comparing your Win-on-life)

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WiFi/BT on Sony Vio -

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Bluetooth Not Activating

We had a Sony Vio (one of those "all-in-one" units) where the WiFi turned itself off (the WiFi had an external switch). The BT was also part of the WiFi and so it too was affected.

Rebooting would sometimes bring it back and during P.O.S.T. the WiFi LED would be on but then go out during the boot proccess (which suggested to me a driver or some other driver/service/app was turning it off).

Booting "Last known good" sometimes would restore it when a normal reboot wouldn't. But not always.

The times where rebooting did not fix the problem I would look for a somewhat recent restore point. 99% of time this always fixed the problem. For the times it did not fix it I would go into the Device Manager, uninstall the WiFi and BT devices, do a reboot and let the OS rediscover and reinstall the drivers.

We eventually retired this computer for other reasons but I never really did figure out what was causing the issue; this computer was really used to watch movies and do web browsing in the house.

It did not have any virus' or MalWare that I could find. Was always current with service packs and updates from Microsoft and Sony.

Rarely did we install anything on this computer. In fact it was perhaps the cleanest computer in the house :)

It could possibly have been hardware but as a test, I booted the computer and got into the BIOS setup screen. I ensured that the WiFi LED was ON and then left it that way for an entire weekend (close to 72 hours); the WiFi LED remained on the entire time. Rebooted the computer and the WiFi LED went out during the boot process as mentioned earlier.

I should also note that in the 3 years that computer was in service/use, the above would only happen 2-3 times a year. So it wasn't like I was battling this every day or week. :)

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Its a custom Sager NP9170

by Tyharo In reply to Bluetooth Not Activating

I haven't had any luck with fixing the issue and im pretty sure the BT isn't software blocked considering I had to completely re-install windows for RAID to work but i have noticed one thing. When I reboot my BT indicator turns red instead of white like my WiFi card, numlock and all those other things. The indicator turns off once windows starts loading. Once again I keep thinking that maybe I don't have Bluetooth because i upgraded to the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN but I thought that the card came with Bluetooth. I have looked through the device manager and didn't see any entry for a Bluetooth device.

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