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    Bluetooth problems using J2ME for voting system


    by izzahmeor ·


    I am now on a project developing an application for mobile devices. A java based voting system through bluetooth. So, i am fully utilized the J2ME and the bluetooth technology. Both Server and Clients are using mobile devices – j2me.

    Upon developing the system, i faced some problems that urgently need to be solved faster. The problems are:

    1)As a SERVER, it can only RECEIVE…and as a CLIENT, it can only SENDING. How I can make the SERVER to RECEIVE (eg:receive voters’ database, voters’ voting) and also SEND(eg: send questions and other notifications to clients)..?? And same goes to CLIENT. How I can make it to be able to SEND (database and votes) and RECEIVE(questions)..??

    2)How I can make the Server to find the list of Clients first before they can start to communicate (sending+receiving)..??

    3)As for current system, I can only make the Admin to be Server/Client.. How I can make voters (other than log in as Admin) to be Client..??

    4) When in Synchronize page, after select “OK” for the first time (Bluetooth connection on and server+client communicate), then the application hang and i have to restart it back. How it can be solved…???

    5)Before the Server and Client can start to communicate, how I can improve on the security part by providing password before it starts communicate?

    Really needs helps.

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