Bluetooth Travel Mouse intermittently stops working; has to be reinstalled

By johnself ·
My OS is Vista 32-bit and the Bluetooth hardware is a Dell Travel Mouse.

I can go for months without any trouble, but for reasons I can't figure out it will just spontaneously stop working - and then it seems to happen all the time for a few days.

It doesn't seem to correspond with any new software or hardware installations ... or any Windows updates.

When it quits working and I check my Bluetooth devices in the control panel sometimes it is still there, but other times it's disappeared.

If it's still there, I have to remove it and then reinstall and, if it's gone, I just reinstall it. And voila - it's works again.

Is this just something wonky with Bluetooth (or Vista) I have to live with - or is there a solution? (It's really a nice little gadget when it's working).


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I would try...

by ---TK--- In reply to Bluetooth Travel Mouse in ...

going to the manufacturer's web site, locate the latest and greatest drivers, and try installing them. If it still occurs I would then try a few versions before the latest and greatest (if there are any available).

One thing I would look out for are other bluetooth devices, you might be getting interference from other devices. Its a shot in the dark, but next time it happens I would look around for other devices...

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I'm sorry to say...

by tintoman In reply to Bluetooth Travel Mouse in ...

That I'm not in the least bit surprised to hear this, the fact is that Bluetooth simply doesn't work properly in Vista, I have exactly the same trouble with my Bluetooth headset and phone, all of a sudden Windows thinks it's a new device and wants to reinstall it.
Some features of the devices never have worked properly either.
Not much help I know - might be worth mentioning that so far I have had no such trouble with Windows 7

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BLue Tooth quick fix

by jjoeclark In reply to Bluetooth Travel Mouse in ...

when u loose connection again, and u will. go to device manager and under BT, right click and disable the already X out enumerator or 355 BT. Say yes to prompt and then go back and right click on Enumerator or 355 BT and ENABLE. Your mouse will be back in a second. No more reinstalls that take 5 minutes.


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