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Blurry screen at start-up

By itpro ·
Hi there,

I have 10 compaq c400 desktop machines with Win2000 installed.The 2 of them have developed habit of getting blurred, distorted start-up screen when powered on/restarted. The first part of boot is O.K., it is the part when username and password should be entered, that the screen goes berserk and nothing can be done. Usually it will boot up normally after restarting it 3-4 times. All 10 machines are being installed using Symantec Ghost, and I wonder whether it is something to do withthat. Anyone any suggestions?


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Blurry screen at start-up

by fred07 In reply to Blurry screen at start-up

Some monitors need a "warm up" time. Check those machines giving you problems with different monitors attached.

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Blurry screen at start-up

by Ann777 In reply to Blurry screen at start-up

If all the monitors are the same make and model (purchased at the same time, etc), I'd suspect that the two are beginning to go bad.

The fact that it comes on properly after restarting it 3-4 times could also be killing the power in the monitor(sorta like jump starting a car -- it can't be good for the electrical system).

Try these monitors on a working machine and see if the problem follows the monitor... replace or repair the monitor if the problem follows. If the problem does notfollow, then try another monitor on the computer and see if the problem happens with the other monitor. If it happens with a previously working monitor, then look at video card or systemboard (if it's on-board video).

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Blurry screen at start-up

by JohnGreer In reply to Blurry screen at start-up

Some older monitors act like that when they are too close to another electrical device - causing interference. I know it's a long shot, but you can try moving the monitor to another spot an onto another electrical outlet.

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