BM T60 Embedded Security hardware tamper detected

By kzevena ·
One of our laptops comes up with the following error "Error 192 Embedded Security hardware tamper detected"

the Unit was NOT tampered with so I am assuming it is a hardware failure? anything I can check? or is a system board replacement the only cure?

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Does it have the fingerprint scanner on it...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to BM T60 Embedded Security ...

I usually disable them if at all possible before giving them to the staff. I've seen some wierd stuff happening with it enabled (but it could be just the users).

Can you get to the "F11" on bootup to do a Rescue & Recovery? You can do a recovery & save the old files so long as you didn't upgrade the R&R to the new version.

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Open the BIOS and reset the Password

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to BM T60 Embedded Security ...

If there is no Hardware Failures then that should cure the problem.

This massage can arise because someone attempted to open the BIOS without the correct Password.

Failing that if you can open the BIOS disable any Fingerprint Scanners as they cause some screwy errors to occur that are linked to the Hardware.


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