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Board wont power up

By Matthew ·
I am thinking its the power supply and i cant use the power button.has anyone got any ideas for me??

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by CG IT In reply to Board wont power up

could be. Could be a bad board. Could be the cable isn't connected to the correct power on pins on the board. Could be a bad processor, could be a bad [or unpluged, and yes, I've had some say the computer won't start and it's because the plug wasn't plugged in],

Process of elimination is the best approach. If you've got extra known working componets, e.g. power supply, etc start replacing em one at a time.

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by TheChas In reply to Board wont power up

Matt, help us out a little.
Please give us system configuration and any information that might help us pinpoint the problem.

Is this a new system?
Or an existing system that suddenly stopped powering up?

If a new system, check:

The Clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard.
Many systems will not power up if the jumper is set to clear.

The voltage switch on the power supply.
Some supplies ship set to 220 VAC when plugged into 120 VAC, there is not enough voltage to allow the power supply to turn on.

Likewise, some ATX power supplies have a rear panel switch that can fully shut off the AC power.
Make sure the switch is set to on.

Double check the front panel connections.
Make sure that the power switch is connected to the correct header.

For a P4 and some Athlon motherboards, make sure that you have connected the axillary power connector from the power supply to the motherboard.

For some Athlon systems, I have found that I need to reset the CMOS before the system will power up.
You then want to enter BIOS setup and verify that the CPU was properly detected and the CPU speed is set correctly.

For most newer ATX motherboards, you can verify that the power supply is functioning by checking the standby power LED on the motherboard.
If the LED lights up, the power supply is working.

On an existing system, the easiest way to check the power supply is to swap in a new one.
I would first remove any modem or network cards.
Lightning surges from thunderstorms can cause components on either to fail and load down the power supply.


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