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Boards, boards, boards.

By Wild Card ·
As part of my job duties, I have to tear apart every retired server and rip it down just to the case. Because of this I have a plethora or power supplies, RAM, video cards, SCSI cards, and the like that I will most likely never use again. The motherboards I hang on my wall. This serves two purposes. First, it is aesthetically more pleasing than the drab shade of pink they painted this room and secondly, it serves as a warning to all the other machines in the building when they see their brethren dangling lifeless before me.

NOw I could throw out all these extra boards, but where is the fun in that. What I am looking for is suggestions of what I can do, creativly, with them. Nothi9ng too crazy though. I mean, outside of these walls there is a professional atmosphere.

I may even take pictures and we can have a new gallery on the site.

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I've seen bookmarks made from old PCBs

by robo_dev In reply to Boards, boards, boards.

In fact I use one's a laser-cut piece of a printed-circuit-board which makes a nifty bookmark.

You could make them into bird-houses, or planters.....maybe a cool in-box for a geek's desk?

Maybe you could use them as roofing shingles?

Overlapping 12x12 motherboards might work for that....of course you would have to hand-nail them to the roof, and any through-holes in the circuit board would have to be sealed to be waterproof.

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You'll have to work hard to beat this guy

by Forum Surfer In reply to Boards, boards, boards.
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Here's one idea - Bookends!

by Tink! In reply to Boards, boards, boards.

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