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You're right. Job mining is called for. But, job mining encompasses a range of job-hunting techniques. It's truly a scatter-gun approach, which means taking advantage of everything at your disposal. The problem with many job hunters is they rely on one or two techniques. If there is a trickle of hope using job sites and headhunters, those are the technique they use. Not only is it ultimately ineffectual, but's a lazy approach. Yes, effective, comprehensive job mining is a good idea. But, I don't recommend using resume and cover letter services. They're not worth the money and they can cost a great deal depending upon your background. I think it's a lazy way out. Yes, you'll have a perfect machine-like resume, but it will lack originalityand creativity and that's what employers want to see. So invest the time and sweat and write your own resume. It's worth the effort. To do it right, take a look at some great resumes to understand how they're put together. Finally, the higher up thecareer ladder you go, the more effort and creativity is required. That's the way the real world works.
Bob Weinstein

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