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Bobby Fischer - Follow-up???

By Brinley-CNET ·
Does anybody have a follow-up to the story that CNN ran about Bobby Fischer?

I remember a story back in late 2001 where another chess champ (his name escapes me) reported that he believed he had been playing Bobby Fischer in Internet chess matches. Once he ran with the story Bobby (or the mysterious player) disappeared.

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Yes it's true

by stress junkie In reply to Bobby Fischer - Follow-up ...

I know it's true because I used to play chess with Bobby over the phone as well! But that's not all! I've had many jam sessions with Elvis Presley over the phone! And I often talk to aliens over the phone! Thank goodness for telephones!

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I really want to see your phone bills..

by maecuff In reply to Yes it's true

And BTW, I know that none of what you say is true. Madonna and J.Lo told me so when they stopped by my office at lunch today.

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Oh yeah?

by stress junkie In reply to I really want to see your ...

Well my phone bills are okay because people call me,
not the other way around.

And Jennifer Love Hewitt told me just now that
Madonna and J.Lo can't be trusted.

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everyone knows..

by maecuff In reply to Oh yeah?

that Jennifer Love Hewitt is full of crap. Sheez.. Besides, God is sitting here at my desk right now, (not the invisible one that people pray to, but the REAL thing) and she says that aliens have only called you once or twice.

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I wish Jennifer was ...

by jkaras In reply to everyone knows..

full of me. So God is cross dressing again? Wow he's a freak sometimes. I hate it when it wears that little frilly sundress and pumps, you would think he would at least make his beard dissapear, but hey he's the messiah. Cortney Love told me the aliens offed Curt but I still think she did it or at least helped the aliens.

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And why..

by maecuff In reply to I wish Jennifer was ...

do you just assume that god is a he?

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by jkaras In reply to And why..

because being the receiver is a subserviant roll and I just dont see him in that roll. lol. he could be anything anyways why be a woman? Not that there is anything wrong mind you about women other than the complaining/fighting/know it all attitude/controlling...well..ahem, I for 1 am glad you're around, imagine all guys or all women, wow that would suck, no pun intended. Seriously though I dont care one way or the other as long as I can still live baby!!

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