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Bogus Certifications

By dschoedel ·
I am tired of Microsoft throwing bogus certifications at me. I am MCSE and MCDBA certified and I am constantly getting bombarded with new certifications that I can invest my hard earned money into that I can't even guarantee will do anything. The latest one is MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer). you know what I see, a chance for Microsoft to make up for lagging XP sales. I know Microsft does not have the monopoly on certifications, they just advertise there way more than anyone. What is worse is that people buy all of their garbage. There are people leaving careers that they have been wokring at for as many as 20 years to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What alot of these people are finding when they get thereis a certification that they can not use because they have no experience and a huge bill for the loan for $16,000 for school.

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Don't believe in them

by tbragsda In reply to Bogus Certifications

Long ago I got a CNE. With it I landed my first job with a big co. I thought moving from small time networks to something corporate, I would need some paper to justify my existence. Well I guess did then, but not since. The Novell cert process has been in the past the only one I put any faith in, but I have hired consultants with Novell, MS, Cisco etc. certs that cant think their way out of (box, paper bag, server, router).

The idea of the cert process was to show that you had obtained alevel of ability with a product, NOT TO LEARN THE PRODUCT. See the difference. Someone going to school to get a cert is doing this backwards.

There is no escaping the dues paying process. The paper should be a milestone along a career, not the start of one.

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You blew $16,000?

by Bleh In reply to Don't believe in them

You spent $16,000, without knowing the outcome?

Did you buy your car the same way?

Caveat Emptor..

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