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Bold-vertical-colour lines on my monitor

By mager_eric ·
I have a Samsung Syncmaster 193V Magic Tune flat monitor and after it has been on for about an hour big flashing, vertical, bold coloured lines appear across the whole screen. It looks like a giant coloured barcode. The flashing stops after a couple of minutes, the screen freezes, and the vertical lines disappear leaving black and white horizontal lines. I have factory restored the computer, and I have had the monitor replaced by Samsung. If I switch the monitor off for a few minutes and back on again it is fine for about 20 minutes and then it starts again. The computer is fine otherwise, everything working. I connect an old monitor and everything is fine, leave all programmes running and swop back to new monitor, within the hour its performing again. I have replaced monitor cable, and have wiggled everything possible, I have checked all my drivers and ATI Radeon 9550 graphics and they all say this device is working properly. In the menu on the monitor, it says the monitor is ok.
The inside of my computer is clear of dust and the fans work ok.
I have been to loads of help forums etc and have got nowhere at all with this problem so I would really appreciate any help at all.
Many thanks, Eric

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by oldbag In reply to Bold-vertical-colour line ...

The first thing to try is to reload the drivers for the video card. If the drivers are corrupted, strange things will occur with the monitor. In Device Manager, remove the video card and restart. The Video should be recognized as new hardware and require the drivers. Reload the drivers using the CD.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Bold-vertical-colour line ...

First thing to check is the drivers for the video card. Then check the web site for the updates on the video drivers. Some new updates have been issued and this is just since MS stopped support of WIN98/SE/ME. Double check the refresh rate range for the monitor and be sure the options for the video don't go outside those parameters. On older type flat panels, the can be over driver until they reach a thermal cutoff and will begin to exhibit what you've seen.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Bold-vertical-colour line ...

The very first thing to check is the Owners Manual that came with the Samsung Monitor Look at the required or supported Refresh Rates. As the system is working correctly on another monitor the most likely problem is that the Refresh Rates are set way too high for your monitor and this is causing a problem when the monitor finally gives up the attempt to work correctly.

You have ruled out the computer by trying another monitor and switching off your current one and have both work fine even if only for a short time for your main monitor so it has to be in the settings for the monitor the Refresh Rates on LCD monitors are slower than CRT and you may have to look at the screen resolutions as well if you have them set high you may need to lower them to get a steady picture or display.

If memory serves me correctly you can not go above 1200 DPI on this model of monitor so if you have you are just asking for problems try setting your screen resolutions to 800 X 600 and see what happens but first thing to do is read the manual so you are sure that you are not overdriving the Monitor and causing this problem.


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by mager_eric In reply to Bold-vertical-colour line ...

Many thanks for the replies and advice. I have tried all of your suggestions but to no avail.
The monitor flickers on. I am going to take the monitor to be tested. Again the monitor I am using now is fine. It's an old Compaq V55 with not a flicker in sight.
Thanks Eric

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