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Bomb Iran to stop the madman?

By Dr Dij ·
This seems like a well reasoned op-ed:,0,1681154.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail

He suggests NOT taking over Iran but bombing (non-nuclear) their 1500 nuclear facilities. Their obtaining a bomb may embolden them and start a cold war much like the previous. Likewise it seems likely terrorists will be given nukes to carry out "God's Work". Saying we can bomb them back won't work if they smuggle small nukes instead of using missles.

I was wondering what others think. I'm not a war-monger, but there is no effective global police. Global police should be able to stop terror whether by countries or individuals, and the current setup allows friends of the criminals (e.g. china, france, soviets in this case) to veto the action.

This is like saying that someone is comitting a crime like rape or murder (and actually in the case of Darfur) but because they know someone, it is OK. THat is totally wrong. The UN or other global police force needs to have specific, non-vetoable parameters for police actions.

The option is to NOT do anything, and this state, which is the premier sponsor of worldwide terrorism is likely to use the bomb (nukes) at least on its neighbors (Israel). We went in and took out Libyas weapons plants, the Israelis took out Iraq's nuke plant (back when we were Saddam's friend

And there is not really a Sunni-Shiite rift except in Iraq, as Iran is sponsoring Hezbollah and Hamas, primarily Sunni.

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That's one of the problems with preemptive strikes: . . .

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Bomb Iran to stop the mad ...

the second strike is always so much easier to justify.

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Not really mad

by onbliss In reply to Bomb Iran to stop the mad ...

The Iranian clergies and rulers are just manipulative and calculative. Things will go bad if their calculations fail. But they are not as mad as they want the world to believe.

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I agree to some extent

by Dr Dij In reply to Not really mad

but just as a person can't say "I'll kill you", countries shouldn't be able to either, whether putting fatwah on someone or saying they will destroy another country.

We either need to bomb them or to be just as manipulative and calculating in a way to stop them.

Your right, the rabid speeches hating others by Iranian leaders are to whip up fanatical idiot frenzies in his people. And so they avoid realizing their govt is source of many of their problems, and get them focused on something else.

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global 'find and replace'

by drowningnotwaving In reply to I agree to some extent

"Your right, the rabid speeches hating others by insert name of country leaders are to whip up fanatical idiot frenzies in his people. And so they avoid realizing their govt is source of many of their problems, and get them focused on something else."

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Evidence, please for this war-pimping.

by Wheelsofire In reply to Bomb Iran to stop the mad ...

Where are you getting your info? Israeli sites? This article is from the same neo-cons who have wrecked Iraq,and the comparison with Hitler,Stalin and Lenin is being recycled fresh from use with Saddam.It has been used on Nasser amongst others.The Big Lie technique again.
You are advocating state terrorism,and raining death on God knows how many innocent Iranians.Iran is a as big a threat as Nicaragua was,when Reagan,North,and Negroponte lied to Congress during Iran-Contra,when they sold missiles to Iran via Isreal.Check this link:
And which country supplied nuclear weapon tech to NK and Libya,as well as to Iran? America's pet dictator,Gen Musharraf of Pakistan.So inform yourself,and try some non-American news,like and Try meeting some people in their own countries,leaving the guns at home.
Your arms industry needs you to have an enemy,lest they lose sales.No war-no profits.
Nuclear weapons in Middle East Iraq 0;Iran 0;
Israel 100+. So who is the real threat to peace?
Perhaps you'd be better off looking a bit nearer home for your madman.Try looking in a mirror,or a Presidential Press Conference.

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Too many irons in the fire

by Dr_Zinj In reply to Bomb Iran to stop the mad ...

If Iran wants a nuclear bomb badly enough, they'll get one or make it.
We were ineffective with North Korea, we're not going to be any more effective with Iran.
The key to Iran (and other nations of the world) is in finding what they want, setting ourselve up to be the producers of it, and not seriously compromising our way of life to do it.
By the way, if you know WHAT that key is, please tell us!

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by viztor In reply to Bomb Iran to stop the mad ...

The neocons did so well with Iraq.

Saw this recently:

"I have a bomb, but no airplane. Therefore, I'm a terrorist."

Wars are too expensive. Instead of spending the money on armaments, perhaps we should fly over dropping the $$$$ instead.

We bombed Vietnam in my youth, unsuccessfully. Now, we're becoming friends. If we refrain from bombing Iran, the friendship could happen more quickly.

During the Vietnam "War", when "bombing strenghtened their will to resist," I suggested dropping our garbage instead. Cat litter is much harder on the morale of the recipient.

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