Bonding internet connections?

By savethewhales ·
I???m familiar with load balancing.. but Is it possible to actually bond multiple DSL lines together? I hear of ways to bond using MLPPP but that requires support from an ISP. Is there a way to actually bond without support from my ISP, or use say a cable modem and a DSL line together for faster speed / diversity?

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Sort of, but not really

by robo_dev In reply to Bonding internet connecti ...

While there are 'dual-wan' routers which can effectively route traffic through multiple ISPs, in most cases this is really providing some diversity, but not really providing more speed.

While it may be true if if you have enough heavy-web-surfing users that you're saturating the outbound connection, then an additional connection may help a bit. But my understanding of most multi-wan routers is that they are typically doing round-robin bandwidth sharing, not true bonding.

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by vunity In reply to Bonding internet connecti ...

We can do true bonding of different network connections. This provides great support for automatic failover and peformance. If you have three 10Mb cable modems and one 10Mb DSL Connection, your speed for any one download would be about 40Mbps.

Here's some more info on it..

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Layer 3

by vunity In reply to Bonding internet connecti ...

I forgot to say that we bond at layer 3..



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Bonding without MLPPP

by ztz In reply to Bonding internet connecti ...

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I've seen bonding at layer 4 during a demo at a tradeshow. It was able to bond a few lines from different ISP's without them even knowing. I'm sure if you just google "broadband bonding" you can find a company capable of doing such.

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