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    Book explains what is happening to tech jobs and why


    by bpeters713 ·

    In the face of today’s on-off hiring blips, a September 7 ‘New York Times’ headline poses a disturbing question, “Is Weak Job Growth Normal Now ?” According to Lawrence Katz of Harvard University, the truth is harsher: “The dirty little secret is that no one is really looking at the quality of new jobs created.”
    We may know bits and pieces of this story – for example, about Microsoft’s fast growing office space in Hyderabad or Accenture’s hiring spree in Bangalore – but do we know while Dell and Lehman were “bringing back” help desks to America, what they were doing in the far more critical area of IT systems outsourcing, and how “expert” analysts at the NY Times and Post do not know such differences. Another story worth pondering is the book’s detailed analysis of HP, which uses the cover of Eastern Europe to mask its huge build up in India. There are hundreds of such examples, dating back to the early 1980s, and backed by 1,500 references from the US and Indian media.
    What is crucial for us to understand is what exactly is going on in India, and why – beyond cliches and misinformation from both vested American and Indian interests, and an old reflex of always underestimating India or judging its complexity with incorrect standards. After reading the book twice, I only see confirmations of its analysis in headlines every day.
    Maybe the author is ambitious in seeking to help reconnect Americans to this “new” phenomenon, but I have yet to see a better effort than this book’s final two chapters.

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