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Books on creating a blog in ASP.NET?

By ObiWayneKenobi ·
Hello all,

My company is tossing around the idea of adding a blog-like service to the services we already offer our clients. As I am the web designer/developer, I am getting a head start researching information on this in the event they decide to go through (and that way I can offer some insight and get some extra bonus points with management). Does anyone know of any development books that discuss how to design one using ASP.NET 2.0 (language does not matter as I know both VB.NET and C#), or better yet one that discusses the best practices for developing an online community type website, since that is what we have now (although woefully inefficient as the site design is amateurish and the technology we use is over 10 years old)?

As an aside, what would be the drawback to using SQL Server 2k5 Express to power the site? It does get some pretty heavy traffic right now, but we are currently using Foxpro 2.6 for the back-end.. I really do not want to use that dinosaur if I can avoid it, and as SQL 2k5 Express is free (company does not want to spend any money) I could possibly try to sell using that. Want to make sure of any potential issues, however, first. I understand SQL Express only allows 4 GB in a database.. which might or might not be a problem since our client information alone is around 12GB (contained in over 800 seperate Foxpro 2.6 .DBF files; I hate to think how many DBFs are floating around the entire company.. actually I just checked because I was curious: Altogether there are almost 15,000 DBF files!! ), but I suppose I could use SQL Express just for the blog entries and such since the company will not spend any money.

Any advice or suggestions is very much appreciated.

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You answered your own question

by cwgmpls In reply to Books on creating a blog ...

Q: <i>what would be the drawback to using SQL Server 2k5 Express to power the site?</i>
A: <i>SQL Express only allows 4 GB in a database</i>
Why not use MySQL or PostgreSQL? They are free, enterprise-ready, not intentionally crippled like MS products, and can run in Windows. Plus there are dozens of free, pre-written blog engines to choose from. If you know VB.Net and C# you can easily handle the Perl, PHP or Python that most blogs are written in.
If your time is worth anything, you won't have to write much, just tweek a little code to customize it for your needs. Blogs have been around for years and are quite mature. Why write one from scratch in .NET?

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by onbliss In reply to Books on creating a blog ...

Check out http://www.communityserver.org. Telligent is the company that develops CommunityServer. CS is an online community tool that provides blogging and forums among other things.

As of CS1.1 version, they offered the entire source code to be downloadable. You could download the source code and take a look at it. Ofcourse you need to look into their copyright policies.

They have CS2.x that is compilable in .Net 2.0. I have used CS1.1 for forums and they are Okay. Some of the php based forums have more features. I know CS could be customized a lot.

Good luck

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Use DotNetNuke...

by wcoupe In reply to Books on creating a blog ...

It's free, and add on modules are, for the most part, very reasonably priced.

There's a 'blog module' in the core product, and a couple enhanced 'blog modules' available for purchase as well.

The core is (DNN4.0) is rock steady Open Source ASP.Net 2.0 code with a very lively community.

If nothing else you'll learn a ton about writing good ASP.Net code by reviewing the core code.

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