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    by ctwaa ·

    I have a IBM Aptiva and when I start the pc it stops at the IBM screen. What can be a reason?
    I have restarted the pc several times but still have the problem.

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      by rickrbyrne ·

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      It could be alot of things, my first suspect would be ram, you can test the Ram by downloading MEMTest86, you can get this software from But you didn’t give us much information.

      1. What Operation System.
      2. System Specs
      3. Did you change anything (software or hardware)
      4. have you had any problems before like this, or any error messages.
      5. did you get a POST beep.


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      by sardukkan ·

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      Can you et into the BIOS at least?

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      by antuck ·

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      Do you have any USB devices attached? If so try disconnecting them and see if it boots.

      You may want to pull the hard drive out of the computer and see if you then get an error regarding a missing OS.

      Try also disconnecting all external devices. You may have a failing device that is holding down the system.

      Also disconnect any cards from the computer like modems NIC and the such. One of them maybe failing and holding down the system.

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      by ctwaa ·

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      System info:

      IBm Aptiva
      m/t 2193-35U
      AMD K6-2 550
      OS XP
      No extra devices installed.
      Original Config.
      Can not enter the BIOS.

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      by otl ·

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      Agree with answer #3 if answers to questions posed by #1 is that nothing was done to the PC.

      First disconnect all network/dial-up cables, some trojans/spy-ware try to send info before complete boot if a network is detected.

      Adding to #3 remove connections to all but the primary HD, this is also an indication of a bad controller card on one of the drives (CD/DVD/HD – I have had 2-CD/DVD and 1-HD fail this way). Have you waited upto 30 minutes for boot ? Still nothing, definitely a possibility ! RAM will usually give you an error message of some sort (not enough/size changed/bad checksum).

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