Boot Device Media Search

By dark_wind_blows ·
I get the usual error "requires Boot device media... insert boot device and press any key"

I put in the disk and BIOs says it see's my CD/DVD Drive but when I let the boot process continue it never looks at the disc...

I search my BIOs to select the CD/DVD as a Boot device but it only lists my two Hard Drives the Floppy...

How do I get it to look at the CD?

And from that point I just re-install windows right?

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Re: Boot Device Media Search

Does anything else comeup on your screen such as "press anykey to boot from cd/dvd"?

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Fixed Part 1

by dark_wind_blows In reply to Re: Boot Device Media Sea ...

I fixed the problem... I simply put the power in the wrong Hard Drive I think...

How ever thx for the reply... I went to find an answer for your question and Fixed the problem in the process... ^^'

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Re. Fixed Part 1

That is good to know. Some times the answer is staring us in the face (if you know what i mean).

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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