Boot difficulties - not recognising HD/CD

By lewis ·
A client's laptop has got me quite stuck - running Win XP one day it suddently came up with a blue screen - 'windows has detected a fault and must restart' screen. On restart after this, it came up with the 'reboot and select proper boot device' error. On restart, with the Win XP recovery CD in the drive, the exact same happened - it was not detecting either the CD drive or HD. I changed bios settings to disable primary/slave IDE master detection in turn, but this proved no use (so I've now set them back to their defaults).

Eventually, I restarted using CTRL+ALT+DEL as recommended elsewhere, and on this boot it detected the CD drive and booted Windows setup from the recovery disk. This ran through, until it eventually gave me a 'The file ql1280.sys is corrupted - press any key to restart'. On restart, it went back through to Windows Setup, and after going through for a few more minutes, told me that it couldn't find any hard disk installed on the computer and therefore setup would have to terminate.

Taking the recovery CD out of the drive and rebooting, the HD and CD drive were then both detected on start-up, but this only got me as far as a boot message saying there was an error with the hard disk.

On all subsequent reboots, it is failing to detect either the CD or HD, and I get no difference from changing the BIOS IDE settings.

I'm now stuck... any ideas?

The laptop is running a 1.4Ghz Celeron on a Intel **5GM + ICH6M chipset. The HD is an Ultra DMA 9.5mm with enhanced IDE Ultra ATA DMA 100 interface support. As I mentioned, XP Professional was the OS.

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This has worked for me

by NickNielsen In reply to Boot difficulties - not r ...

You will need to know the manufacturer of the hard drive (e.g. Western Digital or Hitachi).

Download and burn a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/). Boot the laptop using that CD (if possible). Then use the drive tools from the appropriate manufacturer to test and recover (if possible) the hard drive.

If problems persist with both the hard drive and CD, I'm inclined to suspect the IDE controller is failing and you will have to replace the mainboard.

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