Boot disk won't work

By Blissss ·
My brother has loaned me an old PC (my laptop screen shattered!) with Windows 2000 on it. He had set it up so that his password went in automatically, but I changed the user settings and now the password doesn't complete automatically and he doesn't know what it is, so I can't log on! So he sent me the disk to reboot it and I can't get it to work. I have changed the BIOS settings so that the cd rom is used first, but it keeps going to the hard drive. I also tried disabling the hard drive in the security BIOS settings for booting, but it comes up with a message 'Operating System not found'. I would assume that it's not a cord/connection problem, as it's all in one "box". I also can't download any other cd's to try as I don't have any other working PC (I am doing this on the Wii - fun!) Any ideas please??

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by PoppaTab In reply to Boot disk won't work

If you disable the hard drive, it's no wonder you don't have an OS! Caution and good practices would have told you to make a new password reset disk before you changed things. Also, members of TR do not assist folks with recovery of passwords for ethical reasons. Sorry, can't help you.

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kind of touchy situation...

by ---TK--- In reply to Boot disk won't work

So I will ignore everything except "So he sent me the disk to reboot it and I can't get it to work"

Is it a CD or a 2.5 floppy disk? BIOS should be set to what ever that media is first then the HDD. When you boot your should be prompted to boot to the media, after that then the HDD... you might have to strike a key to get it to go... I skipped 2000, so I don't know the procedure.

Or with in the first 5 sec, you might see "boot options" press F3 (or something like that) hit it, and boot to the media your brother sent you.

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