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By murilcmm ·
I want to create an image of windows nt 2000 using fat32 from 2.5 gig HD to a bigger HD, do you know where I can download a software to do that. Thank you

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by rindi1 In reply to Boot Disk You'll have to purchase the software (ghost is to create images, partitionmagic can be used to change the size of partitions). can also downloaded and pruchased online. (Trueimage makes images, drivedirector manipualtes partitions).

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by willcomp In reply to Boot Disk

Elucidation of markusfrei's answer: Ghost will adjust to size of new drive when you image from drive to drive.

An inexpensive way to get Ghost is to purchase an older version (2003 or 2004) of Norton Systemworks from an on-line vendor.

If you're looking for free software, I don't believe there is any.

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by wcp In reply to Boot Disk

If price is your concern, you can use Windows? XCOPY command to image a HD to another, which does not cost any. Why, you do not even need a boot disk.
All you need is another computer with Windows 2000 or XP.

1. Install the 2.5GB HD to the second computer as Secondary Master and the bigger drive as Secondary Slave. Let?s say the 2.5GB HD is D and the bigger HD is E.

2. Boot the computer to Windows. Navigate to Command Prompt. Type the following and hit Enter key. Xcopy *.* /s/h/e/c/k/y/r E: (or Xcopy *.* E: /s/h/e/c/k/y/r)

3. Make the E drive as Active so it can be bootable.

4. Shut down the computer.

5. Install the bigger HD as Primary Master in the first computer. The computer should boot to Windows 2000.

6. If it does not boot to Windows, boot the computer with a Windows 98 Startup disk and run ?Fdisk /mbr? without the quotes. Reboot the computer.

I have done this many times both in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The reason you need a second computer is that you cannot copy certain files (System, SAM, Default, Software, and Security) in C.

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by ReWrite In reply to Boot Disk

There are also free disk image/restore tools available for download. Here's some:





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by sec_class In reply to Boot Disk

If the drives are of the same manufacture,
a lot of the companies have utils you can download that will do least WD provides a cd to copy one drive to another- they used to also provide a floppy...I imagine other companies may be similar...

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by alokchauhan1 In reply to Boot Disk

yes u can do it by norton ghost software. if u need it pls mail back to me i'll give it u as attachment. will tell u how to use this software in dos mode.

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