Boot error after connecting second HDD that has been connected before

By jamie.hancock ·

I'm having problems booting my PC. I've recently reinstalled Windows XP and then tried to reconnect a relatively new (2 months) Seagate Barracuda 160gb drive via IDE, exactly as it was connected before when it worked perfectly. I then rebooted and had an error saying that I need to select a boot device or place media in the selected boot device. I rebooted with the XP disc in the CD drive and Windows went through the setup process but then hung at the point of copying files. I disconnected the second drive and rebooted with the XP disc in the cd drive and the same error appeared again, so I've again had to reinstall windows as it won't let me repair the previous installation.

Could this be an IDE cable problem, perhaps, or one of my hard drives dying on me?

Any thoughts and tips would be most appreciated.



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doubt in hdd jumper settings

by ismail_ngr In reply to Boot error after connecti ...

Hi Jamie,

I tought may be your second HDD's jumper need to configure correctly. Like Master in old HDD and Slave for New 160 GB HDD. Otherwise your can't use single IDE cable in your PC with Dual HDD. Always try to firm connection the IDE cable end in HDD and M/B. Use ATA 80 IDE connector (such hard, thin wire and not flexcible) Insted of old type ATA 40 IDE cable.

Another possible is use secondary IDE port for the HDD. But You need to configure your CDROM as Slave. Otherwise you face same problem again.

Also go to your system BIOS and add 1st Boot Device in CDROM and, 2nd Boot Device is IDE-0. Next disable all boot device including try to search other boot devices. I don't have any doubt in your BIOS compatible for new 160 GB HDD. Reason is You said " exactly as it was connected before when it worked perfectly." So doubt only in jumpers and BIOS settings. Feedback to me after the attempt. Insha Allah we will try other ways later. take care.

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Re:doubt in hdd jumper settings

by jamie.hancock In reply to doubt in hdd jumper setti ...

Thanks Man,

I'll try to grab an IDE 80 cable on the way home from work and see if that helps. My second drive is set to Slave already, so the jumpers are not the issue.

i'll try everything else you've suggested and let you know the outcome.

Thanks again...


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You can piggy back a CD/DVD off a hard drive?

by DanLM In reply to Re:doubt in hdd jumper se ...

I always wondered if you could do that, but never tried.

Have to remember that one.


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you don't need to reinstall anything

by raymond.carroll In reply to Boot error after connecti ...

All you need to do to resolve this is edit the boot menu. Start by right clicking on My Computer on your desktop. Then choose the Advanced tab. Click on Start up and recovery settings to open another dialogue box. You should see an EDIT button. This will open the boot notepad editor. You will probably see something like this "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition"" IF there are any duplicate entries, delete one of them and choose file/save. Restart the PC and you will be ok.
Hope this helps.

Ray C

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