Boot Error on BOOTCAMP Windows 8.1 “No bootable device, insert boot disk..”

By chiemekailo ·
MacOS boot sector failure.

Boot shortcut keys not functioning for Mac.

Boots straight into BOOTCAMP windows 8.1

Windows Keyboard shortcuts are all NOT working.

Long ago, after installing the windows 8.1, I never completed the keyboard setup with the “AppleKeyboardInstaller64” file, found in “E:\Bootcamp\Drivers\Apple” if you select to copy the drivers into a usb from bootcamp.

Have 6 months old time machine backup on a 500GB seagate drive. Also installed iMac recovery on this drive.

So, I could go to bootcamp icon in taskbar (on Windows) and select the “Mac recovery” (seagate drive) for startup. Also, I can restart in Mac’s “Target Disk Mode” from here.

I select Mac recovery drive on seagate backup.

Boots into macOS recovery from seagate drive. (1.) Can restore via time machine. (2.) Can reinstall MacOS High Sierra via Apple download.

Need to retrieve critical files before any restore/reinstall operation (6months work).

“Macintosh HD” grayed out, could not get critical current files. Through terminal type “ls /Volumes/“ does not list “Macintosh HD”. All listed partitions are GPT partitions.

Decided to use Linux SystemRescueCD on usb to make “Macintosh HD” logical drive and copy critical folders.

Used “Startup Disk” on MacOS Recovery to select BOOTCAMP.

Logged into Windows 8.1, and created SystemRescueCD on usb. Could not boot with it since cannot use windows startup shortcut keys.


Went to Windows 8 Boot Options Menu: used the “Advanced Startup” option to restart with usb/cd/dvd device.

Was able to load SystemRescueCD, but on found out cannot create logical drive because “Macintosh HD” partition is GPT, so cannot use “FixParts”. And cannot convert GPT to MBR (highly risky) in order to use FixParts because partition greater than 2TB.

Decided to go back to booting to windows since I can use BOOTCAMP icon in taskbar to restart in “Target Disk Mode”, and borrow another Mac to retrieve important files.

I then Used “Startup Disk” on MacOS Recovery again to select BOOTCAMP.

Windows 8.1 no longer boots. I get message “No bootable device, insert boot disk and press enter”.

I know that is a windows prompt, but I cannot use any shortcut keys to select any other option. I am stuck here.

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