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Boot Error: STOP etc.

By Fettered ·
What is the meaning of the boot error "STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x82F10830, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)"? I am running Windows XP PRO SP2. I cannot boot into Safe Mode but can get to the Safe Mode prompt. 512MB memory, 80GB drive.

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by azhamr In reply to Boot Error: STOP etc.

The 0x00000024 it a STOP mode for NTFS file system. It basically means that you have a hardware that is not compatible with SP2. If you can go into the boot menu, select the last known good configuration.

This is the viable solution or you might want to try the hard part. You can try to change hardware, I suggest you start from RAM, display card or sound card. Also try to update the mainboard bios.

Hope this would help.

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by Poettone In reply to Boot Error: STOP etc.

I see the previous answer points to somethings it could be.

Question: Was the machine running at one time? If so something has changed. New device, new software, new VIRUS or something like that.

If the issue occured after you downloaded sp2 then your only hope here would be to reload windows doing the repair option. If you are familiar with the recovery console you could try to unload all device drivers/services etc at least to attempt a full boot..

Also try the vga mode of booting. If you changed the video drivers or hardware..

If its a new machine then I would look at other hardware as the culprit

good Luck friend

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by Fettered In reply to Boot Error: STOP etc.

I have tried to boot with last known good configuration, safe mode and also attempted to use the recovery consol. None of the methods have worked. After attempting to begin the Recovery Consol restore it does not even ask for an administrator password to log onto the system! This was pretty upsetting as I figured I was really in the soup. I then discovered that I could not even do a directory listing of the primary partition but could of the secondary partition. Any suggestions on recovering the primary?

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please help have a problem here

by n17_murat In reply to Boot Error: STOP etc.

i'm really sorry i know this is not the place sorry again but i have been waiting for help for long time but no one seem to either saw my help or didn't care about it.

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