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    Boot Failure


    by bulldoggy_27 ·

    I have a MSI motherboard pentium 2.6 with new case/PS. Everything is connected as normal it powers up ok but anything longer than say 2 minutes it shuts down. So just after POST when i am in the BIOS it will shut off. Would I be wrong in thinking that is was the power supply? I tried another PS and all I got were the fans to spin. Could I have gotten 2 bad PS ?

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      by master3bs ·

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      Could be a number of things; including the power supply.

      However, if it crashed consistently after 2 minutes, I’d be thinking temperature. Check your fans; make sure they’re all running and are free of dust. If you are overclocking, see if you can lower the clock speed in the bios before it stops.

      If you don’t have a way of checking temp, run the pc with the case off and a desk fan keeping things cool.

      Your whole box must be well ventilated and cool. You might be able to fix it with a better fan.

      You may also want to check the voltages on your power supply.

      After that, start taking out everything. See if the pc runs with only CPU, 1 stick of RAM, video card and harddrive. If it works, start adding companants until you find the faulty one. If you have more than 1 stick of RAM, test it with each seperately; and change out the CPU too if possible.

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      Reply To: Boot Failure

      by jc2it ·

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      In addition to master3bs’ suggestions…

      Check for BIOS updates from MSI, and if you have recently updated the BIOS then try and roll it back to an earlier version. This could happen if you recently added hardware that your current BIOS doesn’t recognize properly.

      Job Cacka

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