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Boot Failure

By peter_ha_1980 ·
Computer i am working on has no o/s on it, trying to use a bootdisk to run fdisk, repartion and reset mbr but keep getting boot failure on the floppy drive. the bios recognizes the floppy drive but when i insert the floppy disk it wont read it. any ideas? i think the cdrom driver may be corrupted as well.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Boot Failure

This sounds like a possible fault with either Floppy drive or the floppy disc. Suggest you try the floppy disc in another machine and see if it works. If it does try using a different floppy drive in the machine you are working on.

Alternatively, if the system will boot from CD try usinf a bootable CD that has the required utilities on it.

NB: A faulty floppy drive is the most likely problem.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Boot Failure

Just another comment that is worth checking I agree that the Floppy drive is the most likely problem but you should check the BIOS just to make sure that someone hasn't set the Floppy to something that it isn't like a 740 K drive.

I would try a boot able CD ROM if it is possible and if you are only interested in formatting the HDD you should be able to that from the CD although in all honesty I keep several 98 Floppies around just to run F-Disk and Format on and while I've had some that will work in some Floppy Drives they will not work in others. So I always try several different ones before beginning to worry about hardware problems.

Lets know how you get on and if you still need help please post what you are experiencing.


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by peter_ha_1980 In reply to Boot Failure

the cd drive wont work as the hdd was already formatted when i got the pc and int he bios everything is ok, already checked it out. ill be trying a floppy disk transfer soon, just havent had time yet. thanks much - will keep you posted on what works.

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