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Boot Failure

By iuminous ·
When I cold boot my computer it doesn't even make it to windows xp.. Right before windows boots up it'll make a beeping noise and say something like "Boot Failure press F1 to retry or press F2 to enter setup" I can hit F1 a million times and still nothing. Only after rebooting a bunch of times will windows load up. Then I can't shut it down or it'll happen again. I can restart, but I can't cut it off. Can someone help me?

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by In reply to Boot Failure


This is one thing that we all share. It is always a gloomy day when our PC dies. You should take your PC to a service center like Comp USA.

Some thoughts:

- Possible cause: Hard drive failure (although it would usually say "hard drive failure" instead of "boot failure").

- Possible cause: Memory problem. Sometimes memory sticks can lose the electrical connection to their sockets. This can be easily solved by cleaning the connections with an eraser. Caution: This must be done without ESD on the memory!

- Possible cause: BIOS battery failure. If the battery discharges, the BIOS can lose its settings. If you press F2 (per instructions onscreen), you could enter the BIOS setup and correct the settings. A competent technician will be able to fix this for you.

- Possible cause: Motherboard failure.

- The beeping is typically very specific and indicates what portion of the POST (Power On Self Test) is failing. A competent technician will be able to decipher this.

Good luck...

-----Steve Jackson

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by In reply to


"Here's something that I left out, but this problem didn't start happening untill one day I booted up and left a non system disk in my floppy drive. It start after that... Thanks for all the help..."

Yup. That would do it. Your BIOS was configured to try booting from a floppy first before the HDD. Since it found a non-bootable diskette, it could not continue.

Pretty sad how easily a PC can become "disabled", huh?

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by willcomp In reply to Boot Failure

Like Steve said, could be a number of things.

My first suspicion would be hard drive electronics failure where hard disk is not being recognized by BIOS. That is easy to check. Just enter setup when you get error message and see if hard disk is detected.

If drive is not detected, stands to reason that system can't boot from it.

Also, if that is the case, hard disk failure is imminent. Back up files NOW.


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by sbrown95 In reply to Boot Failure

There could be many causes for this problem, but off hand I would guess you are looking at an intermittent capacitor somewhere on the motherboard. Sometimes they get "leaks" or "holes" in them. Your problem may be that a capacitor on the motherboard is not draining and/or retaining it's proper electrical charge. This is why sometimes you can wait just a little longer before you turn on the pc and it will work fine. Sometimes you can point out a bad capacitor right off the bat(you can see liquid oozing out). Remember this is just one of the many things that could cause this problem. You could be looking at a failing HD or a failing controller on you MB. The kind of problems are tough to sort out sometimes.

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by BHunsinger In reply to Boot Failure

First BACK UP YOUR DATA Now!!!!!. second check your bios enties to mack sure that there isn't some confusion there - Make sure the bios sees your hard drive. Third down load a HD testing program from one of the manufactures, We use Western Digital's. If you have a second machine do this test with the hd slaved in that machine. Personally I suspect the hard drive. If you can run chcdisk from the recover console that might help as well. But back up now!!!

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by iuminous In reply to Boot Failure

Here's something that I left out, but this problem didn't start happening untill one day I booted up and left a non system disk in my floppy drive. It start after that... Thanks for all the help...

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by wlbowers In reply to Boot Failure

The problems you could have.

1. Corrupted hard drive data.

2. Crashed hard drive.

3. Bad controller electronics on the motherboard.

How do you find and fix them.

1. Boot to a floppy and run checkdisk or scan disk.

2.Download the manufacturers diag software on a friends machine, create a boot floppy and use it to run diag on your hard drive.

2a. Even if this fails on your computer put the drive on a different drive and run it again. You could be looking at 3. as a problem.

3.Run a system diagnostic on your system. Troubleshooter, the one I use.


Make sure the one you get can run from the dos prompt.

Good Luck Lee

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