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boot failure

By hnugent42 ·
My computer will not boot up past the Windows 98 screen. The operating systems locks up and go past the this screen. Any suggestion?

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to boot failure

Have you tried to boot in safe or diagnostic mode? If you can, I would run a virus scan and check for spy/malware.

Hope this get your restarted.

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by Scherko In reply to boot failure

If the last suggestion in safe mode works, try using "hijackthis" from too. If that doesnt work use "CWShredder" as well. Also try Adware. none of these work? Reboot with a win98 startup disk in your A drive and FDISK the whole thing, start from scratch, delete the partitions and then create new ones. Youll lose all your stuff, but hey, as of now, you cant use it anyway. Sorry and good luck.

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by aquaris In reply to boot failure

don't know....

But try this....

Boot with a bootable floppy...

1- Run Fdisk /MBR from the Dos prompt...

you won't get any indication....of what actually

happened.... But it will restore the Master

boot Record if that is corrupted...

2- Transfer the system Files..

By typing sys c

it should transfer a fresh copy of system files...

thus hopefully making it bootable..again...

hope it helps...

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by Tonyn In reply to boot failure

have you tried hitting the esc button and seeing if it continues the loading process? Sometimes it is mearly a corupt sound file or driver and you might be able to just escape by it. This won't solve the problem but may help figure out if its system file or a driver / sound file locking it up.

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